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Julie Roller Weeks, director of The Convention and Visitors Bureau, is pictured with the website on display behind her.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has just launched the brand new ‘Visit Abilene Kansas’ website at the beginning of this new year.

One of the website’s many features is the local attractions such as places to eat, shop, and where to stay. It also includes many events happening here within the year.

In order to be more visitor friendly, there are many places on the website to receive tips for traveling, places to request information about Abilene and even ask questions which has already been used hundreds of times since the launch.

A new feature within the website is a service called Google Analytics. It allows the CVB employees to see when people are viewing and where they are going from the site, making marketing more calculated and therefore always appealing to the viewer, said Executive Director Julie Roller Weeks.

Also incorporated is a blog page which is a unique way to provide information.

“It’s not a painting you hang on the wall, and say ‘Ta Da, we have a website!’ No, you always have to keep working at it and so we do have that new site up but there are things we want to continue to add and improve,” Weeks said.

Users can visit the section to read about all the interesting places, history, tourism and in general what’s best in Abilene. As well as being featured on the website, the blog posts are found all throughout social media. This network of different places to view information about Abilene provides a large flow of people visiting the website to constantly explore what is new and exciting.

Weeks said that Abilene has one of the largest social media followings on Facebook out of any other town in Kansas, excluding Kansas City and Wichita. They had reached 13,000 followers by the end of 2019 which provides a substantial amount of people constantly updated.

The website’s design comes from New Boston Creative Group. They are a marketing company that works with website design and video production located in Manhattan. The Abilene City Commission approved the $48,700 funding for that service at an August 2018 meeting.

The project began in 2018 with creating a simple layout and picking color palettes. The team at the CVB has spent countless hours building pages, deciding on colors, and adding content to create what is now a beautiful and easy way for visitors to plan trips.

The color scheme was decided to be based on the Eisenhower Americana theme and a mix of the Abilene Cowboy tradition. When visiting the website viewers can see the bright reds and blues that pop off the white background, as well as the amazing graphics that were taken by David Mayes, a photographer raised in Abilene.  

Roller Weeks said the CVB will always work towards being the front door to Abilene for all business, events, and attractions.

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