Shovels broke through the grass at Cowboy Stadium Monday afternoon as representatives from Mammoth Sports Construction, the city of Abilene and Abilene public schools gathered to formally kick off the new stadium project.

Jake Farrant, president of Mammoth Construction, spoke on behalf of the building partner in thanking the school board and staff and other patrons who were at the football field for choosing Mammoth and getting the project started.

Farrant told those gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony about his excitement.

“We are so excited for this project, this school and this town,” Farrant said. “Our favorite thing as a company is family and small towns. This is a big reason it all goes back to kids. This will affect every family in this town. We have seen numbers of kids participating increase in every project we do.”

Farrant spoke a little about Mammoth Sports Construction as being originally a sports turf installation company known as Kansas Turf. They are known by that name by a lot of their customers except the University of Missouri had a problem with that in the marketing department, so Mammoth Construction came about.

He said as a company they completed 60 projects last year and currently have several projects going on in the state including a new baseball field at Rock Creek High School.

“We are very excited for today,” Kyle Becker, president of the Abilene school board said. “Special thanks to Mr. (Greg) Brown, our superintendent, for jumping on board of this project in his first year here. We had a couple of projects planned and both are underway now.”

Speaking for the school administrators, Ben Smith, Abilene High School principal, said they are excited to give the kids of Abilene a football field and a track that they deserve to play on, perform on and then have community see that and support the project.

Superintendent Brown introduced special guest Cody Whitehair and thanked him for being a part of the celebration.

“It is really special being here today,” Whitehair said. “This brings back a lot of memories. This is where I started. I am blessed to be a part of this community and I want to thank everyone who has had a hand in this.

Whitehair, the starting center for the Chicago Bears, and his wife Hannah and daughter Blakely were on hand to help spade some grass during the celebration.

“Thanks to Mammoth Construction and especially Brian Morris for everything they are doing for my family in helping with our football camp this summer,” Whitehair said. “They are going to be our corporate sponsor for the camp.”

“We are extremely honored to be the partner on this project,” Morris, vice-president of professional and collegiate operations, said. “We are very excited to help bring this project to fruition. The impact this will have on your kids and the community will be huge.”

“I think this is a very positive note for the city,” Abilene Mayor Chris Ostermann said. “The patrons will be able to see how much hard work has gone into this. This large group here today shows how much emotion and positive thinking people have toward this project. We are excited and congratulations to the school board. We are anxious to see the finished project.”

Morris and project managers Erik Homewood and Connor Harris said that Mammoth would get construction underway as soon as all special building needs are finalized.

Brown thanked everyone for coming and expressed how cool this project was going to be for Abilene.

“Abilene will have a facility that is second to none,” he said.

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