Boys Varsity Winning Team


Abilene High School Results

Boys Varsity -Team 1st

8th Triston Cottone. 17:24

9th. Grant Waite.  17:34

15th. Dayton Wuthnow 18:02

18th. Levi Hagar. 18:32

36th. Jack Hunter. 19:21

42nd. Jensen Woodworth. 19:35

43rd. Miqueas Mazo. 19:37

Girls Varsity 

7th Eden Bathurst. 20:58

46th. Hannah Walter. 25:30

48th. Aelyn Pecina. 25:31

54th. Allie Cross.  27:19

58th. Alice Bathurst. 28:32

61st. Reese Jackson. 30:30

Boys Junior Varsity 

1st. Cooper Wuthnow. 19:23

7th. Ethan Gonzalez. 20:01

8th. Adam Weishaar. 20:01

11th. Toben Schwar. 20:21

13th. Gavin Sykes. 20:55

21st.  Parker Farr. 21:49

23rd. Carsen Woodworth. 22:15

39th. Nathan Jackson. 25:40


Abilene Middle School 


6/7/8th grade girls

Josie Wilson - 2nd

Jade Wilson - 5th

Carstyn Smith - 17th

Tessa Herrman - 34th

Autumn Robertson - 38th

Rebekah Olson - 41st

Charlie Elliot - 43rd

Bryer Baier - 45th

Tenley Smith - 47th

Hannah Kirchner - 50th

Lily Benton - 51st

Lily Gruen - 52nd

Maddilyn Jenne - 57th

Savannah Havener - 58th

KaAnn Baetz - 59th

Khloey Affolter - 60th

Kenlie Delay - 61st

Kambria Towery - 62nd

6/7/8th grade boys

Jake Bartley - 5th

Landen Barten - 9th

Noah Wuthnow - 21st

Kolt Becker - 24th

Kyler Rivers - 25th

Keyen Koochel - 33rd

Kaden Hartman - 43rd

Lane Jermark - 46th

Jude Welsh - 48th


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