WICHITA – The Abilene Cowgirls track team finished off the 2021 track and field season with three medals including a sixth place finish by the girls 4x800m Relay Team and a seventh place medal earned by the 4x400m Relay team.

The relay teams were winners at the Buhler Regional but ran into a fast meet powered by the Andale Indians on the girl’s side. Andale dominated the meet scoring 137.50 points nearly doubling up second place Paola at 70 points.

Andale took the 4x400 with a fast 4:09.45 while the Cowgirls ran a respectful 4:18.36 behind Paola, Clearwater, Baldwin, Eudora and Independence.

Sisters Chloe Rock and Bailey Rock led off the day for Abilene with a combined two leg time of 2:12.531 followed by Samantha Stout (1:04.786) and Allison Cross running the anchor at 1:01.041 to take the Cowgirls to the awards podium. Abilene’s qualifying time from Buhler was 4:14.60.

Three of the four Cowgirls returned to run the 4x800M relay for a sixth place finish. Abilene ran 10:25.98 after qualifying with an 11:16.12 time. Senior Bailey Rock led off for the Cowgirls running splits of 1:10.142 and 1:23.649. Next came her sister Chloe and she ran 1:14.822 and 1:26.147. Stout, a freshman, ran the third leg going out 1:13.915 on the first lap and coming in with a 1:24.905 second lap around the track. Freshman Eden Bathurst took the final hand off to run the anchor at 1:16.474 and 1:15.922 as the Cowgirls ran past Andale and McPherson for sixth.

Bathurst began the day for the Cowgirls with a sixth place finish in the girls 3200M Run. Running in the back half of the pack for a couple of laps, Bathurst made her move to get within the top 10 runners. From there she kept working to get into the top eight and fell in to place sixth at 12:38.76. Taylor Briggs of Chapman won this race at 11:00.93.

Bailey Rock ran 16th in 800M with a time of 2:38.83 as Clearwater sophomore Hayley Trotter took gold at 2:18.84.

Sophomore Chloe Rock ran 12th in 400M with a time of 1:03.83. Louisburg’s Delaney Weight won at 58.30.

Bailey ran her final high school meet for the Cowgirls and she is scheduled to run track and cross country at Cloud County in the fall.

Class 4A State Track Meet Results

Girls Team Scores

Andale 137.50, Paola 70, Eudora 61.50, Chapman 56, Louisburg 43, Independence 36.50, Baldwin 31, Ottawa 26, Wellington 26, Clearwater 22, Towanda-Circle 22, Buhler 17, Rose Hill 17, Wamego 16, Bishop Miege 15, McPherson 14, Nickerson 12.50, Winfield 12, Clay Center 10, Holton 10, Abilene 8, Pratt 8, Tonganoxie 8, Topeka-Hayden 6, Mulvane 4, Ulysses 4, Fort Scott 3, Concordia 3, Augusta 2 and Parsons 1.



Girls 400M

Delaney Wright, Louisburg, 1st 58.30, Nijah White, Independence, 2nd 59.47, Madeline Schrand, Andale 3rd 1:00.28, Natalie Hillebert, Hayden 4th 1:00.76, Summer Spigle, Ottawa 5th 1:01.92, Emma Vohs, Louisburg, 6th 1:02.09, Isabelle Harvey, Baldwin 7th 1:02.38, Emily Whorton, McPherson 8th 1:02.89.

Chloe Rock, Abilene 12th 1:03.83.

Girls 800M

Hayley Trotter, Clearwater 1st 2:18.84, Marina Johnson, Paola 2nd 2:22.38, Elyssa Frieze, Chapman 3rd 2:24.11, Phoebe Fletcher, Eudora 4th 2:24.40, Diana Messick, Baldwin, 5th 2:24.58, Ella Beth, Fort Scott, 6th 2:27.06, Ember Renfro, Independence 7th 2:27.63, Sydney Owens, Eudora 8th 2:28.05.

Bailey Rock, Abilene, 16th 2:38.83.


Girls 1600M

Taylor Briggs, Chapman 1st 5:01.75, Elyssa Frieze, Chapman 2nd 5:07.38, Hayley Trotter, Clearwater 3rd 5:08.13, Sydney Owens, Eudora 4th 5:31.16, Riley Smith, Baldwin, 5th 5:36.32, Phoebe Fletcher, Eudora, 6th 5:41.90, Jana Landreth, Baldwin, 7th 5:43.31, Darian Hudgeons, Paola, 8th 5:43.84.

Girls 3200M

Taylor Briggs, Chapman 1st 11:00.93, Darian Hudgeons, Paola, 2nd 11:54.29, Sydney Owens, Eudora, 3rd 12:11.80, Kayli Myers, Winfield, 4th 12:22.61, Mackenzie Mayer, Eudora, 5th 12:31.10, Eden Bathurst, Abilene 6th 12:38.76, Charlee Lind, Wamego 7th 12:48.67, Alexa Marshall, Rose Hill 8th 12:56.76.

Girls 100m Hurdles

Annalisa Cullens, Wellington 1st 45.05, Caylin Seely, Buhler 3rd 15.25, Sarah Perico, Bishop Miege, 4th 16.08, Grace Rowland, Andale, 5th 16.29, Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman 6th 16.31, Makeena Longacre, Eudora, 7th 16.51, Piper Camp, Andale, 8th 17.46.

Girls 4x400M Relay

Andale, 1st 4:09.45, Paola 2nd 4:13.73, Clearwater 3rd 4:15.80, Baldwin 4th 4:16.69, Eudora 5th 4:17.38, Independence 6th 4:17.50, Abilene (Chloe Rock, Bailey Rock, Samantha Stout, Allison Cross) 7th 4:18.36, McPherson 8th 4:20.53.

Girls 4x800M Relay

Baldwin 1st 9:55.42, Eudora 2nd 10:06.58, Winfield 10:13.64, Paola 4th 10:13.89, Mulvane 5th 10:15.70, Abilene (Bailey Rock, Samantha Stout, Chloe Rock, Eden Bathurst) 6th 10:25.98, Andale 7th 10:29.55, McPherson 8th 10:37.13.

Girls High Jump

Ava Jones, Nickerson, 1st 5-04, Sophia Cavanaugh, Chapman T-2nd 5-04, Chloe Thakker, Eudora, T-2nd 5-04, Nijah White, Independence T-4th 5-00, Alexis Horsch, Andale, T-4th 5-00, Chloe Conway, Concordia 6th 5-00, Sarah Perico, Bishop Miege 7th 4-10, Kinsley McCauley, Winfield 8th 4-10.

Amara Johnson, Abilene 13th 4-10

Girls Long Jump

Delaney Wright, Louisburg 1st 18-02.25, Maggie Kauk, Paola, 2nd 17-08.25, Sarah Perico, Bishop Miege 3rd 17-04.75, Nala Burns, Independence 4th 16-11.50, Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman 5th 16-07.00, Hailey Schlup, Paola, 6th 16-06.75, Maycee Anderson, Augusta 7th 16-06.75, Ali Zeka, Wellington 8th 16-05.50.

Girls Triple Jump

Emery Keebaugh, Ottawa 1st 36-05.25, Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman 2nd 35-11.00, Madison Craig, Clay Center 3rd 35-09.00, Hailey Schlup, Paola 4th 35-06.00, Maggie Kauk, Paola, 5th 35-03.75, Haley Thrush, Rose Hill 6th 35-03.00, Grace Rowland, Andale 7th 34-08.50, Iniya Hinman, Parsons, 8th 34-06.25.

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