Prepare your guns

As kids prepare and go back to school, another group gets ready for their favorite time of year, hunting season. With September marking the start of deer season and some fowl season, Dickinson County Game Warden Lance Hockett wanted to share some reminders for state and out-of-state hunters. 

Licenses and Permits 

In the case of Dickinson County residents, the process of getting a hunting and fishing license does change a little this year. Due to the county courthouse being under ongoing construction, residents will need to get their licenses at other locations. 

In-person locations in Abilene that sell hunting licenses include West’s Plaza Country Mart and Dave’s Guns, LLC. People may also purchase licenses and permits online from Kansas Wildlife & Parks department. 

For out-of-state hunters, Hockett reminds them to have all needed paper work on them including non-resident hunting licenses and deer permits. 


With 24 years working for the Kansas Wildlife & Parks department and 20 years based in Dickinson County, Hockett seen his years of hunters taken on Kansas’ wildlife. 

While most hunting stay similar through the years, like Hockett says “same for us ever since I was a little kid,” the migratory bird limits and amount of deer permits were decided the 2021 hunting seasons. 

The biggest reminder, Hockett had for his fellow hunters. 

“Safety is the most important,” Hockett said. “To be legal, ethical and to remember to respect the landowner of the place they are hunting. Respect that this is their property and leave it better than you found it.”

“You know these landowners are allowing these hunters to come in and hunt,” Hockett continued. “They just ask for a little bit for courtesy and respect in return.”

Current Hunting Seasons 

-  Bullfrog: 07/01 till 10/31, daily bag limit: 8 

-   Squirrel: 06/01 till 02/28/22, daily bag limit: 5 

-  Running: 03/01 till 11/08, includes (bobcat, opossum, raccoon, red fox, gray fox), Furharvester license required for running furbearers 

- Rabbit: 01/01 till 12/31, includes (Cotton tail, Jack rabbit), daily bag limit: 10

- Coyote: 01/01 till 01/01/22, no limit 

Some Upcoming Hunting Seasons 

- Snipe: 9/01 till 12/16, daily bag limit: 8

- Dove: 09/01 till 11/29, includes (mourning and white wing), daily bag limit: 15 

- Rail: 09/01 till 11/09, daily bag limit: 25

- Deer Season – Youth and Disability: 09/04 till 09/12, youth 17 and younger can hunt with an adult, Hunter orange is required

- Teal – Low Plains: 09/11 till 09/26, location: East of Hwy U.S. 283, stamps required, daily bag limit: 6 

- Deer – Muzzleloader: 09/13 till 09/26 

- Deer – Archery: 09/13 till 09/26


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