When school resumes and the fall sports season continues, only Class 3A’s Marysville will not be competing in Class 4A for everything except football for the 2020-2021 NCKL school year.

KSHSAA announced the new classifications Friday based on announced school enrollments numbers as of Sept. 21. Abilene becomes the largest school in the NCKL with an enrollment showing 474 students, four students more than Wamego. Clay Center and Concordia join Chapman, Wamego and Abilene in Class 4A this year. Clay Center lists enrollment at 332 while Chapman shows 325 and Concordia moves from Class 3A to be the smallest Class 4A school with 314 students.

Marysville remains mid-way through the 64 member Class 3A with an enrollment of 238.

McPherson flip flops back and forth each year between 4A and 5A and once again slides back into Class 4A as the largest school in the class with 707 students.

Class 6A, the largest school class, has 36 schools ranging from Wichita West’s 1361 students to Wichita East with 2397 pupils. Shawnee-Mill Valley drops down to Class 5A while Wichita Northwest moves up from 5A to takes its place.

Kansas City Piper will now compete in Class 5A as it exchanges places with McPherson. The 36-member Class 5A classification ranges from Mill Valley 1306 students to Piper’s 733 enrollment.

Class 3A sports four new schools as Girard exchanges place with Concordia and three former Class 2A schools move up to become members of the 64 schools in the classification. Ellsworth, Oskaloosa and Rossville all move up from 2A while Atchison-Maur Hill, Effingham and Humboldt move down to Class 2A.

Bishop Ward of Kansas City becomes the largest Class 3A school with 309 students down to Lakin’s 173 enrollment.

Class 2A adds the three schools from 3A and three former Class 1A schools move up a classification. Canton-Galva, Jackson Heights and Pratt-Skyline slide from 2A to 1A.

Goessel is the largest Class 1A school with 104 enrolled while Healy’s 10 pupils will be the state’s smallest high school.

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