Top 6 – Abilene,


Girls JV Discus

Allison Liby, Abilene 1st 72-09; Ashlan Brown, Abilene 2nd 67-09; Ellie Simpson, Chapman 6th 63-08.

Boys JV Discus

Ivan Rutz, Chapman 1st 88-11; Logan Buechman, Abilene 2nd 83-04.75; Dawson Surrite, Abilene 4th 81-07.25.

Girls JV Javelin

Melody Winkel, Chapman 2nd 75-02; Kathryn Coleman, Abilene 4th 65-10; Lyndsey Buechman, Abilene 6th 62-06

Boys JV Javelin

Logan Beuchman, Abilene 4th 117-02; Zach Juhl, Abilene 5th 114-01.25; Evan Durham, Abilene 6th 95-02.75

Girls JV Shot Put

Ashlan Brown, Abilene 2nd 26-01.50; Melody Winkle, Chapman 3rd 24-06; Jenna Brown, Chapman 4th 23-04; Ellie Simpson, Chapman 5th 23-02.50; Lyndsey Buechman, Abilene 6th 22-08.25

Boys JV Shot Put

Zach Juhl, Abilene 1st 35-00.50; Ivan Rutz, Chapman 3rd 30-05; Logan Buechman, Abilene 5th 29-00.

Girls JV Long Jump

Marie Meuli, Chapman 1st 14-00.75; Bailey Woody, Abilene 3rd 12-09; Carley Lindsey, Abilene 4th 12-08.50; Katie Jo McIlquaham, Chapman 5th 12-08; Mariah Brackett, Chapman 6th 12-06

Boys JV Long Jump

Blake Pound, Chapman 1st 17-02.50; Mason Barnum, Chapman 4th 15-09.25;

Girls JV Triple Jump

Marie Meuli, Chapman 1st 31-04.50; Katie Jo McIlquaham, Chapman 4th 28-01.25; Mariah Brackett, Chapman 6th 27-08

Boys JV Triple Jump

Mason Cook, Abilene 1st 36-07; Josh Young, Abilene 2nd 34-10.25; Trevor Meade, Chapman 3rd 34-07; Jon Jenkins, Chapman 4th 34-02.5; Mason Barnum, Chapman 5th 34-02

Girls JV High Jump

Nicole Blocker, Chapman 2nd 4-02

Boys JV High Jump

Blake Pound, Chapman 1st 5-02; Zander Ehrich, Abilene 3rd 5-02

Girls JV Pole Vault

Skyleigh Pflaster, Abilene 1st 8-00; Tearney McGivney, Abilene 3rd 7-00; Alice Bathurst, Abilene 4th 6-06; Nicole Blocker, Chapman 5th 6-00

Boys JV Pole Vault

Jacob Potter, Abilene 1st 10-0; Rowdy Kuntz, Abilene 2nd 10-6; Josh Young, Abilene 4th 9-00; Caden Bevars, Chapman 5th 8-06; Kyler Welling, Chapman 5th 8-06

Girls JV 4x800M Relay

Abilene 1st (Aeilyn Arevalo-Pecina, Maddie Beswick, Yui Nishimura, Alice Bathurst) 10:48.68

Boys JV 4x800M Relay

Abilene 1st (Austin Mather, Thurman Geissinger, Nathan Hartman, Miqueas Mazo) 9:32.28

Girls JV 100M Hurdles

Nicole Blocker, Chapman 3rd 20.72

Boys JV 110M Hurdles

Caden Bervan, Chapman 3rd 22.75

Girls JV 100M Dash

Marie Meuli, Chapman 1st 14.37; Kimberly Remily, Chapman 2nd 14.57; Katie Jo McIlquaham, Chapman 4th 14.70; Bailey Woody, Abilene 6th 15.31

Boys JV 100M Dash

Jackson Randles, Abilene 5th 12.78; Trevor Meade, Chapman 6th 13.00

Girls JV 1600M Run

Yui Nishimura, Abilene 2nd 6:40.61; Jewels Williams, Chapman 4th 6:50.90

Boys JV 1600M Run

Timothy Sexton, Chapman 5th 5:21.96

Girls JV 4x100M Relay

Chapman 1st (Ally Johnson, Kimberly Remily, Amanda Remily, Katie Jo McIlquaham) 56.69; Abilene 2nd (Hannah Anguiano, Alyvia Johnson, Anna Shafer, Emma Baugh) 58.49

Boys 4x100M Relay

Chapman 1st (Mason Barnum, Duncan Guy, Blake Pound, Trevor Mead) 49.22; Abilene 2nd (Matt Davis, Zander Ehrich, Jackson Randles, Nathan Hartman) 50.42

Girls JV 400M Dash

Emma Baugh, Abilene 2nd 1:10.55; Ally Johnson, Chapman 3rd 1:10.82; Anna Shafer, Abilene 4th 1:10.92; Alice Bathurst, Abilene 5th 1:11.27; Mariah Brackett, Chapman 6th 1:12.92

Boys JV 400M Dash

Devin Fouliard, Abilene 1st 1:01.35; Miqueas Mazo, Abilene 5th 1:05.68; Tyler Ward, Abilene 6th 1:06.79

Boys JV 300M Hurdles

Blake Pound, Chapman 1st 48.66; Mason Cook, Abilene 3rd 50.75

Girls JV 800M Run

Jewels Williams, Chapman 2nd 2:55.11; Aeilyn Arevalo-Pecina, Abilene 3rd 2:55.77; Maddie Beswick, Abilene 5th 3:11.54

Boys JV 800M Run

Nathan Hartman, Abilene 1st 2:13.30; Timothy Sexton, Chapman 2nd 2:16.47; Thurman Geissinger, Abilene 3rd 2:20.05; Dylan Gouker, Chapman 6th 2:26.21

Girls JV 200M Dash

Kimberly Remily, Chapman 1st 29.44; Emma Baugh, Abilene 4th 30.94; Anna Shafer, Abilene 5th 30.97

Boys JV 200M Dash

Lucas DeDonder, Abilene 1st 24.73; Duncan Guy, Chapman 5th 26.03; Zander Ehrich, Abilene 6th 26.21

Girls JV 4x400M Relay

Abilene 1st (Allie Cross, Bailey Rock, Shiann Olberding, Reese Longenecker) 4:35.32

Boys JV 4x400M Relay

Abilene 1st (Lucas DeDonder, Nathan Hartman, Trey Tovar, Austin Mather) 3:52.

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