Team Scores

7th Girls

Wamego 142.25, Newton-Chisholm 106, Salina South 77.25, Lakewood 58, Chapman 54.25, Abilene 47.25, Clay Center 10.

8th Girls

Salina South 148, Newton-Chisholm 96.33, Wamego 83.33, Lakewood 56, Chapman 53, Clay Center 28, Abilene 18.33.

7th Boys

Abilene 109, Newton-Chisholm 94.33, Wamego 81, Salina South 74, Chapman 72.66, Lakewood 54, Clay Center 7.

8th Boys

Chapman 96, Abilene 92, Newton-Chisholm 82, Clay Center 78, Lakewood 56, Wamego 45, Salina South 43.

Individuals: Top 6

7th Girls High Jump

Avery Baer, Chapman, 2nd 4-5

Elizabeth Brooks, Abilene, T-6th 3-9

Ivy Beck, Chapman, T-6th 3-9

8th Girls High Jump

Kambree Bryson, Abilene, T-6th 4-0

7th Boys High Jump

Isaac VanMeter, Chapman, 1st 4-08

Jaxson Cuba, Abilene, 3rd 4-03

Levi Willmann, Chapman, T-6th 4-0

Breckyn Gaither, Chapman, T-6th 4-0

8th Boys High Jump

Tyler Green, Abilene, 1st 5-03

Justin Blocker, Chapman, 4th 5-0

Austin Bruna, Abilene, 6th 4-9

7th Girls Long Jump

Rylee Miller, Abilene, 6th 12-6

7th Boys Long Jump

Heath Hoekman, Abilene, 1st 16-9.50

Lane Hoekman, Abilene, 3rd 14-11.75

Isaac VanMeter, Chapman, 4th 14-6.5

8th Boys Long Jump

Thomas Keener, Abilene, 3rd 16-9.25

Jackson Green, Abilene, 4th 16-5.5

7th Girls Discus

Abigail Gaston, Chapman, 6th 62-04

8th Girls Discus

Grace Hunter, Abilene, 6th 63-01

7th Boys Discus

Jaxson Cuba, Abilene, 1st 85-10

Ethan Litzinger, Chapman, 5th 74-02

8th Boys Discus

Cade Hanney, Chapman, 2nd 102-02

7th Girls Shot Put

Elizabeth Brooks, Abilene, 4th 29-08

7th Boys Shot Put

Ian Sayers, Chapman, 4th 27-06

8th Boys Shot Put

Kaedyn Vanderford, Chapman, 3rd 32-04

7th Girls 3200M

Makenzie Hall, Chapman, 1st 13:03.27

Jadence Coyle, Abilene, 4th 13:38.99

7th Boys 3200M

Kaden Hitz, Chapman, 4th 12:14

Pierce Casteel, Abilene, 5th 12:46.31

8th Boys 3200M

Jed Moody, Chapman, 3rd 12:10.43

7th Girls 100m Hurdles

Grier Panzer, Abilene, 4th 20.70

Faith Gentry, Chapman, 6th 21.05

7th Boys 100m Hurdles

Taygen Funston, Abilene, 1st 14.81

Ethan Litzinger, Chapman, 3rd 18.54

Jeremiah Fry, Chapman, 4th 19.19

Jeremik Blanks, Chapman, 5th 19.34

8th Girls 100m Hurdles

Kaci Heller, Chapman, 3rd 19.14

8th Boys 100m Hurdles

Nick Rinehart, Chapman, 1st 16.76

Thomas Keener, Abilene, 2nd 17.92

Zeb Schultze, Abilene, 5th 18.57

7th Girls 100M

Kailee Crane, Abilene, 4th 14.22

7th Boys 100M

Heath Hoekman, Abilene, 1st 12.62

Kayden Thrower, Abilene, 6th 13.93

8th Girls 100M

Renatta Heintz, Abilene, 1st 13.55

Emma Wehrmeister, Chapman, 2nd 13.69

8th Boys 100M

Tyler Green, Abilene, 3rd 12.47

Dakota Curtis, Chapman, 6th 13.18

7th Girls 1600M

Makenzie Hall, Chapman, 3rd 6:15.26

Courtney Adams, Chapman, 4th 6:15.48

7th Boys 1600M

Kash Hargrave, Abilene, 5th 5:36.77

8th Girls 1600M

Hayley Briggs, Chapman, 2nd 6:18.60

8th Boys 1600M

Caleb Busse, Chapman, 1st 5:38.64

Layton Randle, Chapman, 5th 5:55.14

Ethan Gonzales, Abilene, 6th 5:58.09

7th Girls 4x100m Relay

Abilene (Addison McVan, Ashley Mead, Grier Panzer, Kailee Crane) 3rd 59.10

Chapman (Anna Bryan, Teagan Ellis, Faith Gentry, Tava Gustafson) 4th 1:02.92

7th Boys 4x100m Relay

Chapman (Isaac VanMeter, Kelan Gruver, Aiden Hall, Levi Willmann) 1st 53.64

Abilene (Taygen Funston, Braden Short, Levi Evans, Heath Hoekman) 5th 56.15

8th Girls 4x100m Relay

Chapman (Adryanna McGuire, Kaci Heller, Emma Wehrmeister, Claire Wasylk) 1st 55.13

Abilene (Reese Jackson, Grace Hunter, Sara Britt, Reese McCullough) 6th 1:01.79

8th Boys 4x100m Relay

Chapman (Kaedyn Vanderford, Dakota Curtis, Cade Hanney, Cooper Lewis) 3rd 51.36

Abilene (Landon Taplin, Ethan Gonzales, Gage Taylor, Aaron Hartman) 5th 52.08

7th Boys 400M

Kash Hargrave, Abilene, 2nd 1:03.51

Dereck Klukas, Chapman, 4th 1:04.43

8th Boys 400M

Weston Rock, Abilene, 1st 55.63

Nick Rinehart, Chapman, 5th 59.25

Joseph Welsh, Abilene, 6th 1:00.72

7th Girls 4x200m Relay

Abilene (Layla Pickerign, Tylar DeWeese, Caitlin Webb, Makenna Stover) 5th 2:15.40

Chapman (Amelia Strauss, Lexi Roach, Reese Whitehair, Avery Welling) 6th 2:21.61

7th Boys 4x200m Relay

Abilene (Hunter Jones, Pierce Casteel, Braden Short, Jaxson Cuba) 3rd 2:02.56

Chapman (Brady Smith, Donovan Brabender, Charlie Strauss, William Strauss) 4th 2:23.20

8th Girls 4x200m Relay

Chapman (Payeton Spann, Paisly Jaderborg-DeWeese, Claire Wasylk, Adryanna McGuire) 2nd 2:02.57

Abilene (Emilee Ediger, Allison Rose, Kambree Bryson, Renatta Heintz) 4th 2:06.15

8th Boys 4x200m Relay

Abilene (Cole Veal, Zeb Schultze, Parker Farr, Tyler Green) 3rd 1:48.40

Chapman (Julius Raygoza, Jonah Frey, Ayden Muniz, Kameron Krogman) 5th 2:01.15

7th Girls 800M

Jade Beary, Chapman, 3rd 2:56.49

7th Boys 800M

Dereck Klukas, Chapman, 2nd 2:34.31

Connor Cote-Boss, Chapman, 6th 2:39.22

8th Boys 800M

Drew Elliott, Chapman, 1st 2:10.73

Weston Rock, Abilene, 2nd 2:11.39

Oscar Espinoza, Abilene, 4th 2”35.64

Sam Moreland, Chapman, 5th 2:36.33

Ian Crump, Abilene, 6th 2:37.46

7th Girls 800 Sprint Medley

Abilene (Ashley Mead, Rylee Miller, Makenna Stover, Kailee Crane) 3rd 2:11.12

Chapman (Anna Bryan, Tava Gustafson, Faith Gentry, Teagan Ellis) 4th 2:12.85

7th Boys 800 Sprint Medley

Abilene (Lane Hoekman, Heath Hoekman, Taygen Funston, Kayden Thrower) 2nd 1:58.46

Chapman (Kelan Gruver, Jeremiah Frey, Cyras Wyma, Jeremik Blanks) 6th 2:07.72

8th Girls 800 Sprint Medley

Chapman (Adryanna McGuire, Kaci Heller, Emma Wehrmeister, Hayley Briggs) 1st 4:55.89

8th Boys 800 Sprint Medley

Chapman (Cade Hanney, Cooper Lewis, Dakota Curtis, Drew Elliott) 1st 4:17.41

Abilene (Gage Taylor, Landon Taplin, Ian Crump, Joseph Welsh) 5th 4:28.91

7th Girls 200m Hurdles

Grier Panzer, Abilene, 2nd 35.96

Faith Gentry, Chapman, 4th 36.36

Jade Beary, Chapman, 6th 37.21

7th Boys 200m Hurdles

Taygen Funston, Abilene, 1st 28.05

Aiden Woods, Abilene, 2nd 33.29

Hunter Jones, Abilene, 5th 35.56

8th Girls 200m Hurdles

Allison Rose, Abilene, 5th 40.12

8th Boys 200m Hurdles

Nick Rinehart, Chapman, 1st 28.68

Thomas Keener, Abilene, 2nd 30.16

Julius Raygoza, Chapman, 5th 33.79

7th Girls 200M

Kailee Crane, Abilene, 5th 30.30

8th Girls 200M

Kaci Heller, Chapman, 30.34

Claire Wasylk, Chapman, 6th 31.49

8th Boys 200M

Joseph Welsh, Abilene, 5th 27.12

Justin Blocker, Chapman, 6th 27.63

7th Girls 4x400m


Abilene (Addison McVan, Layla Pickerign, Jadence Coyle, Rylee Miller) 3rd 5:07.41

Chapman (Courtney Adams, Alex Aguas, Ivy Beck, Reese Whitehair) 4th 5:11.63

7th Boys 4x400m Relay

Abilene (Lane Hoekman, Levi Evans, Aiden Woods, Kash Hargrave) 1st 4:21.01

Chapman (Dereck Klukas, Kaden Hitz, Brecken Francis, Connor Cote-Boss) 2nd 4:25.02

8th Boys 4x400m Relay

Abilene (Cole Veal, Aaron Hartman, Oscar Espinoza, Weston Rock) 1st 4:04.98

Chapman (Justin Blocker, Caleb Busse, Jed Moody, Kaedyn Vanderford) 4th 4:25.61

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