CLAY CENTER – Cross Country competition ended for the 2021 season when runners competed at the NCKL meet in Clay Center last Thursday.

Wamego took team honors in each competition.

Abilene’s Jake Bartley running as a sixth grader in the seventh-grade boys two-mile run won by nearly ten seconds over Fort Riley’s Omarie Simmons. Bartley finished at 12:47.80 to 12:56.80 for Simmons. Chapman’s Ethan Falls was fifth at 13:20.80.

Running for Abilene were Kyle Rivers (12th, 14:04.90), Noah Wuthnow (13th, 14:18.30), Kolt Becker (19th, 14:43.30), Keyen Koochel (23rd, 15:25.20), Kaden Hartman (30th, 16:55.20), Lane Jermark (31st, 17:13.50) and Jude Welsh (32nd, 17:24.30).

Wamego scored 46 team points, Fort Riley 48, Concordia 52, Clay Center 92 and Abilene 96. Sixth grade runners could not win medals or have their points count toward team score.

Marysville’s Bathaniel Miller took first in the eighth-grade boys two-mile run followed by two Wamego runners and then Dereck Klukas and Kaden Hitz of Chapman, Klukas ran fourth place at 12:21.40 while Hitz was fifth at 12:55.50.

Chapman also had Donovan Brabender (13th, 13:46.20), Cyras Wyma (17th, 13:57.30) and Charlie Strauss (20th, 14:35.40)

Wamego was first with 25 points followed by Chapman at 49 points and Clay Center with 73 and Fort Riley had 83 points.

In the seventh-grade girls race, Abilene’s Josie and Jade Wilson finished fourth and fifth at 13:38.60 and 13:42.20. Concordia took the top two spots in the race.

Also running for Abilene were Carstyn Smith (7th, 15:02.40), Tessa Herrman (22nd, 16:05.90), Charlie Elliott (26th, 16:13.90), Claire Kolhoff (29th, 16:38.90), Zoey Schultze (30th, 16:39.10), Rebekah Olson (32nd, 17:05.10), Bryer Baier (36th, 18:19.60), Hannah Kirchner (37th, 18:20.50), Tenley Smith (38th, 18:21.50), Lily Benton (39th, 18:22.60), Lily Gruen (40th, 18:22.80), KaAnn Betz (44th, 19:40.30), Savannah Havener (46th, 19:54.90), Maddilyn Jenne (47th, 20:17.60), Kloey Affolter (48th, 22:13.50) and Kambria Towery (51st, 24:29.80).

Chapman’s Abbie Whitworth ran 25th at 16:11.60.

Irish eighth grade girls Courtney Adams, Mackenzie Hall and Jade Beary finished third, fifth and sixth respectively in the two-mile run. Adams ran 13:37.70 with Hall running 14:49.80 and Beary at 14:58.30. Mayson Obermeyer ran 10th at 16:10.90.


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