Team Scores:

7th Boys

Clay Center 137, Wamego 101, Fort Riley 90.5, Chapman 77.5, Abilene 74, Marysville 46, Concordia 36.

8th Boys

Marysville 135.5, Abilene 99, Fort Riley 88, Concordia 84, Clay Center 55.5, Chapman 53, Wamego 39.

7th Girls

Marysville 145, Chapman 102, Abilene 91.5, Concordia 72, Clay Center 57.5, Fort Riley 48, Wamego 37.

8th Girls

Marysville 98, Clay Center 93, Chapman 85, Wamego 84, Fort Riley 73, Abilene 60, Concordia 60.



Top 6 – Abilene,


7th Girls 75M Hurdles

Zoey Debenham, Abilene 2nd 14.31; Abigail Martinez, Chapman 4th 14.52

8th Boys 3200M Run

Grant Waite, Abilene 1st 10:58.89; Joey Alonzo, Chapman 2nd 11:31.72; Christopher Sommer, Chapman 5th 12:49.23

8th Girls 3200M Run

Kristen Stroda, Abilene 1st 13:48.50;

8th Girls 200M Dash

Zaylee Contreras, Chapman 5th 28.75

7th Girls Pole Vault

Eden Bathurst, Abilene 2nd 7-0; Jentree McGivney, Abilene 5th 6-0

7th Girls 800 Medley

Abilene 1st (Dannefer, Debenham, M. Johnson, Stout) 2:12.82; Chapman 6th 2:54.88

7th Boys High Jump

Aiden Whitley, Chapman 5th 4-4; Eli Panzer, Abilene 6th 4-2

7th Boys Triple Jump

Michael Shipman, Chapman 2nd 32-8

8th Girls 800 Medley

Abilene 1st (Bender, Jantz, Rock, Stroda) 2:07.21; Chapman 3rd 2:12.93

8th Boys Long Jump

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 2nd 17-6.25; Chris Falls, Chapman 4th 16-10.5

8th Boys 1600M Run

Chris Falls, Chapman 2nd 5:12.47; Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene 6th 5:33.62

8th Girls High Jump

Amara Johnson, Abilene 1st 4-10; Sophia Cavanaugh, Chapman 3rd 4-8

7th Girls 800M Run

Elyssa Frieze, Chapman 1st 2:28.52; Thalia Verdejo, Chapman 3rd 2:55.92

7th Girls 200M Dash

Natasha Layton, Abilene 5th 30.86

8th Boys Triple Jump

Chris Falls, Chapman 6th 34-4.25

7th Boys Shot Put

Weston Langvardt, Chapman 6th 32-8

8th Girls 75M Hurdles

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman 1st 12.64; Karrie Tiller, Chapman 2nd 13.44; Tessa Bender, Abilene 6th 14.10

8th Boys 4x100M Relay

Chapman 4th 54.08

7th Boys 800M Medley

Chapman 2nd 2:02.04; Abilene 3rd (Armstrong, Hargrave, Mayden, Weishaar) 2:03.89

7th Boys 400M Dash

CJ Brooks, Abilene 4th 1:04.41; Keaton Hargrave, Abilene 5th 1:05.76

8th Girls 100M Dash

Zaylee Contreras, Chapman 1st 13.68

8th Boys 100M Dash

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 3rd 25.67; Dominick Perea, Chapman 5th 25.82

7th Boys 800M Run

Ryan Clark, Chapman 1st 2:27.74; Keaton Hargrave, Abilene 2nd 2:36.73; Daniel Jackson, Chapman 3rd 2:36.86

7th Girls 1600M Run

Emmy Gfeller, Chapman 1st 6:04.71; Samantha Stout, Abilene 3rd 6:35.95; Eden Bathurst, Abilene 5th 6:54.78

8th Boys Shot Put

Troy Boyd, Chapman 4th 37-11; Brayden Lexow, Chapman 5th 35-4.5

8th Girls Long Jump

Zayle Contreras, Chapman 1st 16-0.75; Juniper Huggard, Chapman 4th 14-3.5

8th Boys 400M Dash

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 1st 56.49; John Varelman, Chapman 5th 1:00.05; Jensen Woodworth, Abilene 6th 1:00.32

8th Boys 800M Run

Grant Waite, Abilene 1st 2:12.74; Nick Anderson, Chapman 2nd 2:14.49; Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene 6th 2:32.70

8th Boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene 2nd (Fink, Luchsinger, Schubert, Schwartz) 1:49.65

8th Boys 800M Medley

Abilene 1st (Luchsinger, Signer, Vopat, Waite) 1:51.10; Chapman 3rd 1:54.72

7th Girls 4x100M Relay

Chapman 1st 56.80; Abilene 2nd (Dannefer, Debenham, M. Johnson, Stout) 57.00

8th Girls Triple Jump

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman 1st 33-9

7th Boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene 1st (Armstrong, Brooks, Weishaar, C. Woodworth) 1:53.29

7th Girls 4x400M Relay

Chapman 1st 4:41.69; Abilene 4th 5:14.22

8th Boys 4x400M Relay

Abilene 1st (Signer, Waite, J. Woodworth, D. Wuthnow) 4:04.11

7th Boys 4x400M Relay

Chapman 2nd 4:27.79; Abilene 4th 4:39.67

7th Boys Javelin

Ian Suther, Chapman 1st 123-10; Alec Area, Abilene 6th 89-1.5

7th Girls Triple Jump

Mia Wasylk, Chapman 2nd 30-8.5; Hannah Walter, Abilene 3rd 29-4.5; Claira Dannefer, Abilene 4th 27-7.5

7th Girls Javelin

Ava Crist, Abilene 4th 75-7; Zoey Debenham, Abilene 5th 75-6

7th Girls 3200M Run

Emmy Gfeller, Chapman 1st 12:56.64; Marie Ramos-Day, Abilene 5th 15:30.30

7th Boys 3200M Run

Levi Hager, Abilene 3rd 12:05.53

7th Girls High Jump

Haley Litzinger, Chapman 1st 4-8; Claira Dannefer, Abilene 4th 4-0

8th Boys High Jump

Cameron Vinduska, Abilene 4th 5-2

8th Boys 100M Dash

Eli Schubert, Abilene 3rd 12.85; RJ Vopat, Abilene 4th 12.97; Dominick Perea, Chapman 5th 13.00

7th Boys Long Jump

Sam Kuntz, Chapman 2nd 16-6.25; Carson Woodworth, Abilene 3rd 16-5.25; Judah Armstrong, Abilene 4th 15-10.75

8th Grade 800M Run

Megan Holmes, Abilene 4th 2:55.77; Kristen Stroda, Abilene 5th 2:57.51

8th Girls 4x400M Relay

Abilene 5th 5:04.23

7th Girls 400M Dash

Gabrielle Fouliard, Abilene 6th 1:13.72

7th Girls 4x200M Relay

Abilene 3rd 2:08.05

7th Boys Pole Vault

Adam Weishaar, Abilene 6th 7-0; Cougar Edwards, Chapman 6th 7-0

7th Boys 1600M Run

Trevor Tovar, Abilene 5th 5:59.30; Levi Hager, Abilene 6th 6:03.18

7th Boys 4x100M Relay

Abilene 2nd (Brooks, Hargrave, Mayden, C. Woodworth) 53.22

7th Girls Long Jump

Haley Litzinger, Chapman 1st 15-5.25; Maci Meuli, Abilene 4th 13-3.25; Callie Powell, Abilene 6th 13-1.75

8th Girls Pole Vault

Karrie Tiller, Chapman 2nd 7-0; Allison Abeldt, Chapman 5th 5-6

7th Boys Discus

Alec Area, Abilene 2nd 91-7; Weston Langvardt, 5th 85-7

8th Girls Javelin

Haylee Anguiano, Abilene 5th 77-2; Chandler Bliss, Chapman 6th 77-1

8th Boys 75M Hurdles

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 1st 11.43; RJ Vopat, Abilene 5th 12.57

8th Girls 400M Dash

Chloe Rock, Abilene 2nd 1:05.51

7th Boys 100M Dash

Lucas Mayden, Abilene 5th 13.49

7th Boys 75M Hurdles

Sam Kuntz, Chapman 2nd 12.62; Markess Grissom, Abilene 5th 14.09

7th Girls 100M Dash

Haley Litzinger, Chapman 1st 14.25; Mia Johnson, Abilene 2nd 14.58; Mia Wasylk, Chapman 4th 15.10;

8th Girls 1600M Run

Kendra Jantz, Abilene 1st 6:20.03

7th Girls Discus

Mary Rahe, Abilene 4th 69-2.75

Hager sets new AMS Track


Abilene’s Levi Hager established a new 7th Grade AMS Track Record with a 3200M time of 12:05.53. Grant Waite had set the mark of 12:14 in 2018.

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