Marysville Junior High School proved to be the overall team winners in the 2019 Abilene Middle School Track Meet held Thursday on Ken Russell Track in Abilene.

Marysville took both the eighth grade boys and girls titles and then it finished third in seventh grade boys and second in seventh grade girls.

Host Abilene finished second in seventh grade boys, fourth in seventh grade girls, third in eighth grade boys and second place by two points in eighth grade girls.

Chapman was fourth in seventh grade boys, third in seventh grade girls, fourth in eighth grade boys and third in eighth grade girls.

Individual Placers for Abilene and Chapman:

7th Grade boys 75M Hurdles

Sam Kuntz, Chapman, 1st 13.16; Brax Fisher, Abilene, 4th 14.15; Markess Grissom, Abilene, 6th 14.57.

8th Grade boys 75M Hurdles

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene, 1st 11.75; Eli Schubert, Abilene, 6th 12.67.

7th Grade boys 100M

Aiden Whitley, Chapman, 2nd 13.14; Brax Fisher, Abilene, 6th 13.68.

8th Grade boys 100M

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene, 1st 12.19; John Varelman, Chapman, 3rd 12.56; Dominick Perea, Chapman, 5th 12.89; Kellen Signer, Abilene, 6th 12.91.

7th Grade boys 200M

Michael Shipman, Chapman, 6th 28.88.

8th Grade boys 200M

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene, 1st 25.29; Dominick Perea, Chapman, 2nd 26.06; Chris Falls, Chapman, 5th 27.03.

7th Grade boys 400M

Carson Woodworth, Abilene, 4th 1:11.08.

8th Grade boys 400M

Jensen Woodworth, Abilene, 1st 59.65; John Varelman, Chapman, 2nd 1:00.81.

7th Grade boys 800M

CJ Brooks, Abilene, 2nd 2:32.24; Ryan Clark, Chapman, 3rd 2:37.09; Keaton Hargrave, Abilene, 4th 2:39.46.

8th Grade boys 800M

Nick Anderson, Chapman, 2nd 2:19.23; Joey Alonzo, Chapman, 4th 2:32.42; Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene, 5th 2:32.82.

7th Grade boys 1600M

Trevor Tovar, Abilene, 4th 5:57.88; Maverick Metzger, Abilene, 5th 6:25.27.

8th Grade boys 1600M

Grant Waite, Abilene, 2nd 5:22.71; Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene, 5th 5:43.38; Rhyce Hasselman, Abilene, 6th 6:06.72.

7th Grade boys 3200M

Levi Hager, Abilene, 2nd 13:42.08; Lane Burgett, Chapman, 4th 15:20.25.

8th Grade boys 3200M

Grant Waite, Abilene, 1st 11:29.30; Joey Alonzo, Chapman, 2nd 11:48.59; Christopher Sommer, Chapman, 3rd 13:02.81.

7th Grade boys 4x100M Relay

Chapman, 1st 52.65; Abilene A, 3rd 55.42; Abilene B, 4th 1:01.29.

8th Grade boys 4x100M Relay

Abilene A, 2nd 51.11; Chapman A, 4th 54.34.

7th Grade boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene A, 2nd 2:01.36; Chapman A, 4th 2:08.12.

8th Grade boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene A, 2nd 1:51.45.

7th Grade boys 4x400M Relay

Abilene A, 2nd 4:40.25; Chapman A, 5th 5:02.67.

8th Grade boys 4x400M Relay

Chapman A, 3rd 4:23.13; Abilene A, 5th 4:35.96.

7th Grade boys SMR

Abilene A, 2nd 2:09.92; Chapman A, 4th 2:23.95.

8th Grade boys SMR

Abilene A, 2nd 1:53.52; Chapman A, 3rd 1:55.62.

7th Grade boys High Jump

Eli Panzer, Abilene, 2nd 4-7; Carter Markley, Abilene, 4th 4-4; Keaton Hargrave, Abilene, 6th 4-2.5.

8th Grade boys High Jump

Cameron Vinduska, Abilene, 6th 4-6.

7th Grade boys Pole Vault

Adam Weishaar, Abilene, 2nd 7-0.5; Trenton Haslouer, Abilene, 4th 7-0; Aiden Whitley, Chapman, 5th 6-6.25.

8th Grade boys Pole Vault

Nick Anderson, Chapman, 6th 6-6.

7th Grade boys Long Jump

Sam Kuntz, Chapman, 3rd 14-2.5; Eli Panzer, Abilene, Abilene, 4th 14-2; Carson Woodworth, Abilene, 5th 13-6.25.

8th Grade boys Long Jump

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene, 2nd 16-9.

7th Grade boys Triple Jump

Aiden Whitley, Chapman, 1st 31-11; Michael Shipman, Chapman, 2nd 31-5.

8th Grade boys Triple Jump

Chris Falls, Chapman, 3rd 31-4; Nick Anderson, Chapman, 4th 31-1.5; John Varelman, Chapman, 5th 30-4.

7th Grade boys Shot Put

Weston Langvardt, Chapman, 5th 27-5; Colton Holm, Chapman, 6th 24-11.

8th Grade boys Shot Put

Jensen Woodworth, Abilene, 3rd 34-6; Austin Fink, Abilene, 4th 34-3; Richard Ortiz, Abilene, 5th 34-3.

7th Grade boys Discus

Weston Langvardt, Chapman, 1st 81-7; Alec Area, Abilene, 3rd 74-10; Colton Holm, Chapman, 6th 67-8.

8th Grade boys Discus

Brayden Lexow, Chapman, 4th 79-11; Jensen Woodworth, Abilene, 5th 79-9.5; Sam Elliott, Chapman, 6th 79-9.

7th Grade boys Javelin

Adam Wishaar, Abilene, 2nd 87-1.5; Alec Area, Abilene, 4th 80.7; Colton Holm, Chapman, 5th 80-6.

8th Grade boys Javelin

Austin Fink, Abilene, 5th 93-0.

Girls Results:

7th Grade girls 75M Hurdles

Zoey Debenham, Abilene, 2nd 14.54; Alyssa Farr, Abilene, 4th 15.02; Blair Adams, Abilene, 5th 15.20.

8th Grade girls 75M Hurdles

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman, 1st 12.81; Karrie Tiller, Chapman, 4th 14.04.

7th Grade girls 100M

Haley Litzinger, Chapman, 2nd 14.34; Mia Johnson, Abilene, 4th 14.51.

8th Grade girls 100M

Juniper Huggard, Chapman, 5th 14.66; Randi Longenecker, Abilene, 6th 15.04.

7th Grade girls 200M

Hannah Walter, Abilene, 6th 32.04.

8th Grade girls 200M

Chloe Rock, Abilene, 2nd 29.09; Kendra Jantz, Abilene, 4th 30.38.

7th Grade girls 400M

Keira Jones, Chapman, 3rd 1:11.04; Samantha Stout, Abilene, 4th 1:12.18.

8th Grade girls 400M

Amara Johnson, Abilene, 5th 1:16.95; Evelynn Ediger, Abilene, 6th 1:19.87.

7th Grade girls 800M

Elyssa Frieze, Chapman, 1st 2:39.58; Samantha Stout, Abilene, 6th 2:59.98.

8th Grade girls 800M

Grace Merritt, Chapman, 2nd 2:47.46; Chloe Rock, Abilene, 4th 2:49.48; Megan Holmes, Abilene, 6th 2:58.35.

7th Grade girls 1600M

Emmy Gfeller, Chapman, 2nd 6:43.97; Eden Bathurst, Abilene, 4th 7:06,26.

8th Grade girls 1600M

Kristen Stroda, Abilene, 1st 6:24.42; Kendra Jantz, Abilene, 2nd 6:37.18; Olivia Presley, Abilene, 5th 7:16.88.

7th Grade girls 3200M

Emmy Gfeller, Chapman, 1st 13:35.06

8th Grade girls 3200M

Kristen Stroda, Abilene, 1st 13:55.89.

7th Grade girls 4x100M Relay

Chapman A, 1st 50.28; Abilene B, 5th 1:02.97.

8th Grade girls 4x100M Relay

Chapman A, 1st 54.41; Abilene A, 2nd 58.06; Abilene B, 4th 1:00.29.

7th Grade girls 4x200M Relay

Abilene A, 2nd 2:09.75.

8th Grade girls 4x200M Relay

Abilene A, 3rd 2:10.67

8th Grade girls 4x400M Relay

Chapman A, 2nd 4:51.67; Abilene A, 4th 5:20.83

7th Grade girls SMR

Chapman A, 1st 2:15; Abilene A, 2nd 2:16; Abilene B, 4th 2:26.

8th Grade girls SMR

Abilene A, 1st 2:11.10; Chapman A, 2nd 2:14.09

7th Grade girls High Jump

Mia Johnson, Abilene, 1st 4-3; Haley Litzinger, Chapman, 3rd 4-2.5; Claira Dannefer, Abilene, 6th 3-10.75

8th Grade girls High Jump

Amara Johnson, Abilene, 1st 5-0*; Emma Montgomery, Abilene, 5th 4-3; Sophia Cavanaugh, Chapman, 6th 4-2.

7th Grade girls Pole Vault

Jentree McGivney, Abilene, 2nd 6-6.25; Darby Anguiano, Abilene, 5th 5-6.25

8th Grade girls Pole Vault

Karrie Tiller, Chapman, 2nd 7-0.25; Allison Abeldt, Chapman, 5th 5-6.

7th Grade girls Long Jump

Haley Litzinger, Chapman, 2nd 12-11; Keira Jones, Chapman, 4th 12-3; Mia Johnson, Abilene, 5th 12-2; Maci Meuli, Abilene, 6th 11-9.75.

8th Grade girls Long Jump

Zaylee Contreras, Chapman, 1st 14-5; Jumiper Huggard, Chapman, 2nd 13-5; Allison Abeldt, Chapman, 3rd 13-4.50; Bri DeWeese, Abilene, 4th 13-0.

7th Grade girls Triple Jump

Mia Wasylk, Chapman, 1st 29-1.50; Keira Jones, Chapman, 4th 25-6; Samantha Seyboth, Chapman, 6th 23-10.75.

8th Grade girls Triple Jump

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman, 1st 33-0; Amara Johnson, Abilene, 4th 27-2.5; Lexi Barnes, Abilene, 5th 27-0.5; Allison Abeldt, Chapman, 6th 26-10.

8th Grade girls Shot Put

Gretchen Hill, Chapman, 2nd 30-6.5; Callie Jones, Abilene, 5th 27-11; Logan Holm, Chapman, 6th 27-4.5.

7th Grade girls Discus

Harley Herbert, Abilene, 4th 56-11

8th Grade girls Discus

Callie Jones, Abilene, 3rd 64-11; Gretchen Hill, Chapman, 4th 63-10; Hope Cole, Abilene, 5th 62-9.75; Logan Holm, Chapman, 6th 61-8.

7th Grade girls Javelin

Clare Kuntz, Chapman, 2nd 67-4.5; Alyssa Farr, Abilene, 4th 59-10.5; Ava Crist, Abilene, 5th 59-5.

8th Grade girls Javelin

Haylee Anguiano, Abilene, 3rd 64-5.5; Chandler Bliss, Chapman, 4th 60-5

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