JV 120B - Chris Lasluisa’s place is unknown.

• Quarterfinal - Isaaic Lee (Topeka Seaman) won by decision over Chris Lasluisa (Chapman) (Dec 8-7)

• Cons. Round 1 - Jaydin Vargas (Manhattan) won by major decision over Chris Lasluisa (Chapman) (Maj 16-7)

JV 152B - Jacob Schoby’s place is 4th.

• Quarterfinal - Dylan Roberts (Salina South) won by decision over Jacob Schoby (Chapman) (Dec 6-4)

• Cons. Semi - Jacob Schoby (Chapman) won by fall over Jack Perry (St. Mary`s) (Fall 0:00)

• 3rd Place Match - Caleb Purvis (Rock Creek) won by fall over Jacob Schoby (Chapman) (Fall 0:00)

JV 160B - Gannon Mosher’s place is 2nd.

• Semifinal - Gannon Mosher (Chapman) won by decision over Giovani Gonzalez (Emporia) (Dec 9-5)

• 1st Place Match - Grant Larson (Wamego) won by fall over Gannon Mosher (Chapman) (Fall 0:00)

JV 220A - Brayden Lexow’s place is 4th.

• Quarterfinal - Caleb Appel (Shawnee Heights) won by decision over Brayden Lexow (Chapman) (Dec 6-3)

• Cons. Round 1 - Brayden Lexow (Chapman) won by decision over Brekanye Steward (Junction City) (Dec 4-0)

• Cons. Semi - Brayden Lexow (Chapman) won by fall over Gunnar Hale (Concordia) (Fall 0:00)

• 3rd Place Match - Sean Doung (Emporia) won by decision over Brayden Lexow (Chapman) (Dec 10-8)

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