CLAY CENTER – The Chapman Lady Irish rolled past the competition to take the North Central Kansas League girls championship Friday at Clay Center. The Irish scored 142 team points to distance itself over Marysville with 109 and Abilene at 101.33.

Earning double championships from Taylor Briggs, Maya Kirkpatrick and Sophie Cavanaugh plus Macy Bliss’s shot put gold medal, the Lady Irish gained momentum headed to the Regional meet on Friday in Buhler.

Briggs wins for the fourth time in her brilliant career in both 1600 meters and 3200 meters. The four-time Class 4A Cross Country champion looks to add to her multiple 4A State Track championships later this month after her regional performances this week.

Kirkpatrick completed a double win in 300-meter hurdles and long jump while Cavanaugh doubled up in high jump and javelin. Bliss picked up Chapman’s seventh gold medal in shot and she placed second in discus behind Abilene’s Lyndsey Buechman.

The Cowgirls had a steady day with personal record performances from multiple athletes. The Cowgirls 4x800m Relay team of Bailey Rock, Sammy Stout, Chloe Rock and Eden Bathurst grabbed gold with a 10:15.08 run.

In boys’ competition, Chapman finished second to Marysville in the team race. The Fighting Irish got multiple wins from seniors Eli Winder and Trevor Erickson. Winder took first in 400 meters, long jump and triple jump. Erickson earned gold in 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles.

The Cowboys got a breakout performance from Lucas DeDonder in the boy’s 200-meter race as he earned gold just edging out both Winder and Erickson at the tape. Grant Waite brought home gold for Abilene in 800 meters.

Abilene and Chapman now prepare to run at Regional Track on Friday at Buhler High School. The top four placers in each event qualify for the Class 4A State Track Meet on May 27th in Wichita.


NCKL 2021 Track Meet Results

Individual Results (Top 6)

Girls 100M Varsity

(Faulkner, Wamego, 1st 12.67)

Haley Litzinger, Chapman, 5th 13.45

Girls 100m JV

Kamryn Phillips, Chapman, 5th 14.67

Girls 200M Varsity

(Criag, Clay Center, 1st 26.41)

Allie Cross, Abilene, 4th 27.62

Girls 200M JV

Aly Brown, Abilene, 1st 30,49

Girls 400M Varsity

(Cooper, Wamego, 1st 1:03.63)

Chloe Rock, Abilene, 2nd 1:04.17

Sammy Stout, Abilene, 3rd 1:04.89

Kimberly Remily, Chapman, 5th 1:07.96

Girls 400M JV

Aelyn Pecina, Abilene, 1st 1:07.90

Natasha Layton, Abilene, 2nd 1:12.26

Megan Holmes, Abilene, 3rd  1:13.63

Mykee Snyder, Chapman, 5th 1:17.40

Girls 800M Varsity

(Lott, Marysville, 1st 2:28.60)

Bailey Rock, Abilene, 4th 2:37.43

Girls 800M JV

Alice Bathurst, Abilene, 3rd 3:05.86

McKenzie Brock, Abilene, 5th 3:17.56

Girls 1600M Varsity

Taylor Briggs, Chapman, 1st 5:07.84

Girls 3200M Varsity

Taylor Briggs, Chapman, 1st 11:10.84

Eden Bathurst, Abilene, 3rd 12:56.74

Girls 100m Hurdles

(Carlgren, Concordia, 1st 16.70)

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman, 2nd 17.04

Joy Clemence, Abilene, 3rd 17.14

Tessa Bender, Abilene, 4th 17.52

Shannon Anderson, Chapman, 5th 17.71

Girls 100m Hurdles JV

Amara Johnson, Abilene, 1st 17.73

Girls 300m Hurdles Varsity

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman, 1st 49.78

Shannon Anderson, Chapman, 2nd 50.07

Joy Clemence, Abilene, 4th 51.16

Girls 300m Hurdles JV

Amara Johnson, Abilene, 1st 52.43

Tessa Bender, Abilene, 2nd 55.61

Girls 4x100m Relay Varsity

(Clay Center, 1st 51.98)

Abilene (Cross, Johnson, Hasenbank, Ditto) 4th 53.68

Chapman (Locke, Anderson, Remily, Litzinger) 5th 54.00

Girls 4x100m Relay JV

Abilene (Layton, Bender, Holmes, Brown) 1st 55.61

Chapman (Phillips, Crane, Bliss, Elliott) 2nd 55.96

Girls 4x400m Relay

(Marysville, 1st 4:09.65)

Abilene (Rock, Rock, Stout, Cross) 2nd 4:16.78

Chapman (Remily, Crane, Anderson, Merritt) 5th 4:40.27

Girls 4x400m Relay JV

Abilene (Layton, Holmes, Pecina, Clemence) 1st 4:43.00

Girls 4x800m Relay

Abilene (Rock, Stout, Rock, Bathurst) 1st 10:15.08

Chapman (Remily, Merritt, Remily, Crane) 5th 12:20.74

Girls 4x800m Relay JV

Abilene (Pecina, Bathurst, Layton, Brock) 1st 12:22.93

Girls High Jump Varsity

Sophie Cavanaugh, Chapman, 1st 5-0

Amara Johnson, Abilene, 2nd 4-10

Tanith Elliott, Chapman, 6th 4-4

Girls Pole Vault Varsity

(Bent, Clay Center, 1st 9-1)

Tearney McGivney, Abilene, 3rd 8-1

Eden Bathurst, Abilene, 4th 7-7

Girls Pole Vault JV

Darby Anguiano, Abilene, 4th 6-6

Morgan Welling, Chapman, 5th 6-0


Girls Long Jump Varsity

Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman, 1st 16-6.50

Sophie Cavanaugh, Chapman, 3rd 16-1.75

Haley Litzinger, Chapman, 4th 16-1.25

Girls Long Jump JV

Kamryn Phillips, Chapman, 2nd 13-7.75

Aly Brown, Abilene, 3rd 13-6.25

Girls Triple Jump Varsity

(Craig, Clay Center, 1st 36-7)

Maya Kirkpatick, Chapman, 2nd 35-11.50

Allie Cross, Abilene, 4th 32-5

Sophie Cavanaugh, Chapman, 5th 31-9.75

Girls Shot Put Varsity

Macy Bliss, Chapman, 1st 34-0.50

Marie Meuli, Chapman, 2nd 31-10

Gretchin Hill, Chapman, 6th 29-8

Girls Shot Put JV

Melody Winkel, Chapman, 1st 27-1

Callie Jones, Abilene, 2nd 25-5.50

Girls Discus Varsity

Lyndsey Buechman, Abilene, 1st 97-5

Macy Bliss, Chapman, 2nd 94-3

Callie Jones, Abilene, 3rd 93-0

Tanith Elliott, Chapman, 4th 92-3

Marie Meuli, Chapman, 5th 89-5

Girls Discus JV

Gretchin Hill, Chapman, 1st 80-9

Reonna Christiensen, Abilene, 4th 69-6

Girls Javelin Varsity

Sophie Cavanaugh, Chapman, 1st 107-4

Grace Randles, Abilene, 6th 94-10

Girls Javelin JV

Chandler Bliss, Chapman, 4th 81-2

Madison Brown, Chapman, 6th 60-5

Boys 100M Varsity

Trevor Erickson, Chapman, 1st 11.21

Boys 100M JV

Eli Schubert, Abilene, 1st 12.25

Boys 200M Varsity

Lucas DeDonder, Abilene, 1st 22.88

Trevor Erickson, Chapman, 2nd 23.25

Eli Winder, Chapman, 3rd 23.31

Boys 200M JV

Dominick Perea, Chapman, 1st 24.84

Zander Ehrich, Abilene, 3rd 25.25

Eli Schubert, Abilene, 4th 25.51

John Varelman, Chapman, 5th 25.64

Boys 400M Varsity

Eli Winder, Chapman, 1st 50.43

Duncan Gay, Chapman, 4th 55.52

Chris Sommer, Chapman, 6th 55.93

Boys 400M JV

Gage Picking, Chapman, 1st 57.31

Eli Panzer, Abilene, 2nd 58.00

Justin Samsel, Abilene, 6th 1:03.59

Boys 800M Varsity

Grant Waite, Abilene, 1st 2:05.93

Triston Cottone, Abilene, 3rd 2:10.63

Boys 800M JV

Miqueas Mazo, Abilene, 4th 2:20.20

Adam Weishaar, Abilene, 5th 2:24.29

Zane Schultze, Abilene, 6th 2:26.98

Boys 1600M JV

Trevor Tovar, Abilene, 2nd 5:13.10

Ryan Clark, Chapman, 6th 5:43.21

Boys 3200M JV

Trevor Tovar, Abilene, 1st 11:21.78

Jack Hunter, Abilene, 5th 11:56.86

Boys 110m Hurdles Varsity

Trevor Erickson, Chapman, 1st 15.69

Caden Bevan, Chapman, 6th 20.36

Boys 110m Hurdles JV

Laiktin Cromer, Chapman, 3rd 21.77

Boys 300m Hurdles Varsity

Trevor Erickson, Chapman, 1st 41.39

Boys 300m Hurdles JV

Joe Nicks, Abilene, 4th 52.19

Laiktin Cromer, Chapman, 6th 56.17

Boys 4x100m Relay Varsity

(Clay Center, 1st 45.26)

Chapman (Gay, Whitley, Mead, Jenkins) 4th 46.44

Abilene (West, DeDonder, Hartman, Burt) 5th 46.47

Boys 4x100m Relay JV

Chapman (Varelman, Picking, Rutz, Perea) 2nd 48.20

Abilene (Plunket, Geissinger, Ehrich, Schubert) 4th 49.60

Boys 4x400m Relay Varsity

(Marysville, 1st 3:33.38)

Abilene (Cottone, Hartman, DeDonder, Waite) 3rd 3:34.91

Chapman (Anderson, Gay, Mead, Sommer) 5th 3:44.94

Boys 4x400m Relay JV

Abilene (Panzer, Mazo, Geissinger, Wuthnow) 1st 3:52.81

Chapman (Picking, Perea, Varelman, Wisner-McLane) 2nd 3:58.49

Boys 4x800m Relay Varsity

(Wamego, 1st 8:38.91)

Abilene (Cottone, Hartman, Wuthnow, Waite) 2nd 8:42.31

Chapman (Johnson, Alonzo, Gouker, Clark) 5th 9:34.96

Boys 4x800m Relay JV

Abilene (Mazo, Schultze, Weishaar, Hunter) 2nd 9:52.59

Chapman (Basil, Edwards, Leasure, Klukas) 3rd 10:28.86

Boys High Jump Varsity

(Carlgren, Concordia, 1st 6-0)

Aiden Whitely, Chapman, 5th 5-8

Boys High Jump JV

Dylan Delay, Abilene, 2nd 4-8

Boys Pole Vault Varsity

(Poore, Concordia 1st 13-1)

Aiden Gose, Abilene, 4th 11-1

Rowdy Kuntz, Abilene, 5th 10-7

Boys Pole Vault JV

Couger Edwards, Chapman, 3rd 9-6

Wyatt Schmidt, Abilene, 4th 9-6

 Travis Leasure, Chapman, T-6th 7-6

Boys Long Jump Varsity

Eli Winder, Chapman, 1st 20-3

Jon Jenkins, Chapman, 2nd 19-6.25

Caleb Burt, Abilene, 3rd 19-2

Duncan Gay, Chapman, 6th 17-2.75

Boys Long Jump JV

John Varelman, Chapman, 2nd 17-11

Esteban Plunkett, Abilene, 3rd 17-5.75

Gage Picking, Chapman, 4th 17-4.25

Boys Triple Jump Varsity

Eli Winder, Chapman, 1st 42-7.75

Jon Jenkins, Chapman, 5th 37-6.50

Trevor Mead, Chapman, 6th 35-4.75

Boys Triple Jump JV

Nick Anderson, Chapman, 1st 36-2

Justin Wisner-McLane, Chapman, 2nd 32-7.75

Boys Shot Put JV

Brent Golden, Chapman, 3rd 34-6.25

Boys Discus Varsity

(Smith, Marysville, 1st 144-4)

Dawson Surritte, Abilene, 6th 104-10

Boys Discus JV

Alec Area, Abilene, 4th 85-9

Boys Javelin Varsity

(Ludwick, Clay Center, 1st 153-10)

Jon Jenkins, Chapman, 3rd 147-0

Aiden Pruente, Chapman, 5th 135-11

Boys Javelin JV

Braden Litzinger, Chapman, 2nd 114-7

Jacob Scoby, Chapman, 4th, 107-6

Adam Weishaar, Abilene, 6th 105-3


Team Scores


Chapman 142, Marysville 109, Abilene 101.33, Clay Center 82.66, Wamego 67, Concordia 52


Marysville 133, Chapman 110, Wamego 107, Concordia 90, Clay Center 60, Abilene 55

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