The Abilene JV tennis team competed at Smoky Valley with the Cowgirls winning all of their opening round matches enabling them to place no lower than fourth place.

“The team had a great day of tennis and finished in second place behind Smoky Valley,” Abilene assistant coach Diana Wildman said.

Reese Longenecker finished second in number one singles. She beat Aril Goldberg of Lyons 6-4 and Camilla Wright of Smoky Valley 6-1. She lost to a very good Hannah Reed of Smoky Valley 3-6 to finish second place.

The number two singles was filled by Myah Elliott. She beat Haven’s Tanya Yoder 6-1 and Smoky Valley’s Marina Peterson 6-2. Elliott lost in the championship match to Hayley Sanchez of Ellsworth 0-6. She ended the day in second place.

In doubles play, Matigan Kobiskie and Bailey Woody paired at number ones. They beat Sacred Heart’s Real/Newell 6-3 and then fell to Smoky Valley’s Gaskell/Mort 1-6. Their final match was against Sheridan/Bunch of Ellsworth for third place but lost 4-6 to finish in fourth place.

The number two’s Amara Johnson and Dighton Tokoi finished the day with third place. They beat Gan/Johnson of Sacred Heart 6-1. They then lost to Smoky Valley’s Mader/Adam 0-6. In their final match, the Cowgirl pair defeated Holcom/Kruckenberg of Smoky Valley in a tiebreaker 8-6 to claim third place.

At Abilene

Abilene entered two teams in the home JV meet earlier this season. Other schools competiting Chapman, Junction City, Ellsworth, Concordia, Clay Center and Marysville.

The Abilene Orange JV team placed third. Reese Longenecker went 1-2 on the day in number one singles. Bailey Woody split 1-1 in two singles.

In doubles, the number one doubles team of Myah Elliott and Matigan Kobiskie placed third after going 2-1 on the day.

In the twos, Dighton Tokoi and Amara Johnson were undefeated and took first with a 3-0 record.

The Abilene Brown team did not place. Marissa Perez went 0-3 on the day at number one singles. Number one doubles team of Alyssa Tompkins and Evelyn Ediger went 0-3 while Randi Longenecker and Gabby Guillen placed second by going 2-1.

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