Hope Track Team

The Hope High School Lady Lions track team captured the Wheat State League Track and Field Championship for the second consecutive year.

GOESSEL – For the third consecutive year, the Hope Lady Lions won the Wheat State League Track Meet.

Hope girls scored 113 points for first followed by Solomon with 73, Herington 68, Elyria Christian 65, Goessel 60, Little River 57, White City 39, Centre 26, Peabody-Burns 24, Canton-Galva 13 and Wakefield 11.

Solomon captured the boys team title with 107 points followed by Canton-Galva with 86, Goessel 77, Elyria Christian 55, Centre 54, Little River 46, Wakefield 45, Herington 24, White City 22, Peabody-Burns 20 and Hope 15.

Individual Results:

Top 6 - Herington, Hope, Solomon, White City

Girls 100M Dash

Kloe McIntyre, Herington 3rd 13.72; Kami Kugler, Solomon 4th 13.74; Hayley Tiernan, Solomon 5th 14.03; Cami Jacobson, Hope 6th 14.05.

Girls 200M Dash

Kayla Webb, Solomon 2nd 28.35; Kami Kugler, Solomon 4th 29.70

Girls 400M Dash

Raegan McMillen, Solomon 3rd 107.50; Reaghan Shirack, Solomon 6th 1:11.74

Girls 800M Run

Jessyka Barten, Hope 1st 2:36.93; Madi Becker, Herington 3rd 2:52.41; Kelci Sly, Hope 5th 2:55.19

Girls 1600M Run

Jessyka Barten, Hope 1st 5:57.18; Madi Becker, Herington 5th 6:45.39; Daria Pieczynska, White City 6th 7:06.79

Girls 100M Hurdles

Kloe McIntyre, Herington 1st 16.57; Amber Brockmeier, Hope 3rd 18.35; Laia Mellen, White City 5th 19.52; Hannah Stillwell, White City 6th 20.43

Girls 300M Hurdles

Cami Jacobson, Hope 2nd 52.62; Kloie McIntyre, Herington 52.66; Hayley Tiernan, Solomon 4th 53.43; Dakota Swader, Herington 5th 54.58; Amber Brockmeier, Hope 6th 57.16

Girls 4x100M Relay

Solomon 2nd 53.76; Hope 3rd (A. Brockmeier, M. Brockmeier, H. Brockmeier, C. Jacobson) 54.10; Herington 6th (G. Diekman, M. Coup, K. McIntyre, D. Swader) 55.49

Girls 4x400M Relay

Solomon 2nd 4:37.00; Hope 6th (M. Brockmeier, C. Jacobson, H. Riedy, K. Sly) 4:55.89

Girls 4x800M Relay

Hope 1st (J. Barten, E. Linder, H. Riedy, K. Sly) 11:31.21; Herington 4th (M. Becker, E. Diekman, E. Roe, M. Mortensen) 13:50.77

Girls High Jump

Kayla Webb, Solomon 1st 5-03; Meghan Brockmeier, Hope 4th 4-08; Hannah Stillwell, White City 6th 4-08.

Girls Pole Vault

Amber Brockmeier, Hope 1st 7-08; Grace Diekman, Herington 2nd 7-00

Girls Long Jump

Meghan Brockmeier, Hope 1st 15-01; Payten Schneider, Herington 2nd 14-11.75; Makayla Coup, Herington 6th 13-08

Girls Triple Jump

Payten Schneider, Herington 4th 31-05.50; Faith Jahnke, Solomon 5th 31-01; Makayla Coup, Herington 6th 30-07

Girls Shot Put

Jada Lee, White City 1st 36-04; Holly Brockmeier, Hope 2nd 36-01.25; Emily Thompson, Solomon 3rd 33-01.50; Carrie Roe, Herington 5th 32-08.25

Girls Discus

Jada Lee, White City 1st 116-10; Dara Robertson, Solomon 2nd 98-11; Holly Brockmeier, Hope 3rd 96-07; Emily Thompson, Solomon 5th 84-07; Emma Alt, Herington 6th 81-03

Girls Javelin

Holly Brockmeier, Hope 1st 125-04; Lauren Campuzano, White City 2nd 114-04; Jordyn Sanford, White City 3rd 104-10; Emilie Roe, Herington 5th 89-11

Boys 100M dash

Logan Krause, Solomon 4th 11.95; Alex Herbal, Solomon 5th 11.97; Eli Basvic, Solomon 6th 12.23

Boys 200M Dash

Logan Krause, Solomon 2nd 23.98; Alex Herbal, Solomon 6th 25.33

Boys 400M Dash

Conner Larosa, Herington 2nd 54.60; Alex Herbal, Solomon 3rd 54.66; Nevante Farris, Solomon 58.26

Boys 800M Run

Chance Jacobson, Hope 3rd 2:20.53

Boys 1600M Run

Chance Jacobson, Hope 4th 5:01.67

Boys 110M Hurdles

Tyler Marfise, Solomon 3rd 21.03

Boys 300M Hurdles

Tyler Marfise, Solomon 1st 46.80

Boys 4x100M Relay

Solomon 3rd 46.84;

Boys 4x400M Relay

Solomon 2nd 3:52.04

Boys 4x800M Relay

White City 2nd 10:07.63; Solomon 3rd 10:22.37

Boys High Jump

Caden Acosta, Solomon 1st 5-08; Tomas Berko, Hope 5-04

Boys Long Jump

Kevin Ansell, Herington 4th 17-11.75; Conner Larosa, Herington 6th 17-06.50

Boys Triple Jump

Corbyn Jackson, Herington 6th 34-06.5

Boys Shot Put

Jobe Fowles, Solomon 1st 47-02.50; Cobey Fiske, Solomon 2nd 43-05.50; Cameron Campuzano, White City 3rd 41-11

Boys Discus

Jobe Fowles, Solomon 1st 144-09; Cameron Campuzano, White City 2nd 134-10; Lucas Anschutz, Herington 4th 121-01; Cobey Fiske, Solomon 5th 120-07

Boys Javelin

Jobe Fowles, Solomon 2nd 135-00; Cord Kickhaefer, Herington 3rd 130-09; Tomas Berko, Hope 5th 115-00.

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