HERINGTON — Trailing 14-28 entering the fourth quarter, the Herington Railers scored 22 points in the final eight minutes to squeak out a 36-34 win against the Chase County Bulldogs Friday at Herington.

The Railers had 237 yards rushing in the game as senior Kevin Ansell had 120 of those yards on 15 carries and one touchdown. Sophomore quarterback Connor LaRosa scored three times on the ground and threw for another score as the Railers won their opener. Ansell converted two two-point conversions while LaRosa had one.

LaRosa went four of 11 for 36 yards all to receiver K. Alexander.

Defensively for the Railers, senior Lucas Anshutz had 14 tackles and two sacks. Mark Stokes accounted for 13 tackles of which five were for loss. He also had two sacks. Ansell had 12 tackles including a sack of the Bulldog quarterback. Junior Brody Brown had 11 tackles, four for loss, and a sack. Alexander had 10 tackles while Kevin Gehrke had eight.

Herington travel to Centre Friday night.

Wheat State League Standings and upcoming games

    Solomon            1-0        1-0

    Moundridge            1-0        1-0

    Centre            1-0        1-0

    Little River            1-0        1-0

    Goessel            0-1        0-1

    Rural Vista            0-1        0-1

    Peabody            0-1        0-1

    Canton-Galva            0-1        0-1

Bennington                0-0        1-0

Herington                0-0        1-0

Wakefield                0-0        0-1

Week 2:

Centre vs. Herington

Chase County at Canton-Galva

Little River at Peabody Burns

Goessel at Rural Vista

Solomon at Wakefield

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