Former Abilene athlete Harley Leatherman just completed competing for the United States Army All-Army Softball Team in the All-Forces Softball Tournament in Pensacola, Fla.

PFC Leatherman, who is currently stationed in South Korea, is the daughter of Julie Faulkner and the granddaughter of Lawanda Markley of Abilene. She played recreation softball in Abilene before moving to Taylorsville, Ill., in 2014.

She graduated from Taylorsville High School, playing softball, and then enlisted in the United States Army. Leatherman completed an extensive application process to be considered for the Army softball team and was selected to represent them at the recently completed tournament.

Leatherman, who has been playing softball since she was nine years old, said she still had the passion for the sport and thought when she joined the military her softball days were over.

“I heard about the All-Army softball team and I put in my application and was excepted for the tryouts,” she said. “I got picked to be on the team and I was the youngest team member at 19 years old.”

The Army finished second in the tournament losing the championship game to the Air Force by one run.

“My experience was amazing,” she said. “I had amazing group of teammates. I had so much joy playing and it made my world making that team and supporting the Army. We played our hardest and did our best.”

Leatherman said she is scheduled to leave South Korea this October and she believes her next assignment is to Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

With the experience she earned this year on the All-Army softball team, she may have an opportunity to do it again, but she must apply and go through the try-out select phase again, something she is looking forward to.

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Contact Ron Preston at

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