WICHITA – Running one of his fastest times of the year when it counted the most, Abilene junior Lucas DeDonder sprinted to a fifth place finish in the Class 4A Boys Sate 200M finals Friday in Wichita.

In a very tight finish at the tape, DeDonder ran 22.81, which was better than his prelim time of 23.15. He finished with a surge that passed both Diante and Cameron Campbell of Buhler, who had finished ahead of him at the Buhler Regional Meet.

Chanute sophomore Rawley Chard crossed first with a time of 22.51 followed closely by Tylen Ashihi of El Dorado at 22.66, Tyrus Smith of Circle at 22.74 and Patrick McCallop of Miege at 22.80. The Campbell twins came in at 22.91 and 22.98.

Chard entered the finals with the fastest time from prelims at 22.24.

Also eclipsing the qualifying time of 8:44.02, the Cowboy 4x800 relay team of Dayton Wuthnow, Triston Cottone, Nathan Hartman and Grant Waite brought home fifth place with a best time of 8:40.41, nearly four seconds off the qualifying mark.

Sophomore Dayton Wuthnow ran first with splits of 1:04.281 and 1:05.546 before handing off to Cottone. The Abilene sophomore ran 59.218 in his first lap and then 1:12.344 to give the baton junior Nathan Hartman. Hartman legged laps of 1:03.093 and 1:10.937 before sophomore Grant Waite anchored the team with times of 1:00.246 and 1:04.741.

Waite ran his third open 800 meters of the day when he finished 10th in 4a Boys 800M Run. He finished with a time of 2:06.58 almost a second better than his seedtime. His splits were 1:02.060 and 1:04.515.

Clearwater senior Zach Trotter ran under two minutes with a first place finish time of 1:57.27. The top 10 runners finished within six seconds of each other.

Abilene freshman Judah Bowell-Armstrong ran 16.32 in the prelims of the Boys 110m Hurdles, missing the cut for the finals but placing 13th in the State with his time.

Class 4A State Track Meet Boys Results

Boys Team Scores

Louisburg 77.50, Andale 73, Buhler 53, Chanute 50, Eudora 46.50, Bishop Miege 46, Rose Hill 32, Clearwater 29, Paola 28.50, Chapman 28, Topeka-Hayden 22, Nickerson 22, Wellington 21, Augusta 20, Winfield 20, El Dorado 19, McPherson 19, Wamego 16, Tonganoxie 15.50, Holton 10, Parsons 10, Abilene 8, Towanda-Circle 7, Labette County 7, Baldwin 4, Clay Center 4, Mulvane 3, Ulysses 3, Ottawa 2, Pratt 2, Independence 2, Concordia 1.

Individual Events:

Boys 100M

Jaylen Burch, Bishop Miege 1st 11.02, Cameron Campbell, Buhler 2nd 11.03, Diante Campbell, Buhler 3rd 11.08, Graham Fluck, Buhler 4th 11.22, Justin Collins, Louisburg 5th 11.22, Quentin Harris, Chanute 6th 11.28, Trevor Erickson, Chapman 7th 11.36.

Boys 200M

Rawley Chard, Chanute 1st 22.51, Tylen Smith, Towanda-Circle 3rd 22.74, Patrick McCallop, Bishop Miege 4th 22.80, Lucas DeDonder, Abilene 5th 22.81, Diante Campbell, Buhler 6th 22.91, Cameron Campbell, Buhler 7th 22.98, Tanner Cash, Clearwater, 8th 23.16.

Boys 400M

Tylen Ashihi, El Dorado 1st 49.59, Rawley Chard, Chanute 2nd 49.64, Patrick McCallop, Bishop Miege 3rd 50.36, Elijah Winder, Chapman 4th 50.89, Justin Collins, Louisburg 5th 51.19, Daniel Grosdidier, Eudora 51.38, Nathan Seck, Andale 7th 51.41, Ethan Ptacek, Louisburg 8th 51.51.

Boys 800M

Zachary Trotter, Clearwater 1st 1:57.27, Andrew Leck, Rose Hill, 2nd 2:00.44, Camilo Leos-Tarin, Winfield 3rd 2:01.59, Zachary Winter, Andale 4th 2:01.83, Grady McCune, Baldwin 5th 2:03.38, Jaden Vohs, Louisburg, 6th 2:03.58, Eli Gilmore, Tonganoxie 7th 2:04.22, Caleb Johnston, Independence 8th 2:04.33.

Grant Waite, Abilene 10th 2:06.58

Boys 110m Hurdles

Tom Koontz, Louisburg 1st 14.97, Gavin York, Wellington 2nd 15.22, Mason Dobbins, Louisburg 3rd 15.24, Trevor Erickson, Chapman 4th 15.34, Dallas Bond, Tonganoxie 5th 15.40, Teagan Cobb, Rose Hill 6th 15.57, Bartholomew Trey, Bishop Miege 7th 15.59, Russell McCarty, Labette County 8th 16.09.

Judah Bowell-Armstrong, Abilene 13th 16.32.

Boys 300m Hurdles

Jake Muller, Topeka-Hayden 1st 39.92, Tom Koontz, Louisburg 2nd 40.54, Kale Purcell, Holton 3rd 40.57, Trevor Erickson, Chapman 4th 40.63, Bryce Bingham, Chanute 5th 41.02, Gavin York, Wellington 6th 41.37, Jake Karr, Paola 7th 41.67, Isiah Holthaus, Tonganoxie 8th 41.79.

Boys 4x400m Relay

Chanute 1st 3:27.92, Clearwater 2nd 3:28.15, Louisburg 3rd 3:29.13, Eudora 4th 3:29.41, Topeka-Hayden 5th 3:31.88, Wamego 6th 3:33.43, Andale 7th 3:33.49, El Dorado 8th 3:34.22.

Chapman (Elijah Winder, Duncan Gay, Nicholas Anderson, Trevor Erickson) 9th 3:34.60.

Boys 4x800m Relay

Buhler 1st 8:16.29, Wamego 2nd 8:20.10, Louisburg 3rd 8:33.88, Rose Hill 4th 8:37.44, Abilene (Dayton Wuthnow, Triston Cottone, Nathan Hartman, Grant Waite) 5th 8:40.41, Bishop Miege 6th 8:44.15, Topeka-Hayden 7th 8:45.69, Independence 8th 8:45.84.

Boys Long Jump

Phillpe Manga, Nickerson 1st 21-11.25, Nathan Seck, Andale 2nd 21-09.00, Jack Konrade, Topeka Hayden 3rd 21-08.25, Carson Key, Bishop Miege 4th 21-03.25, Bo Robinson, Paola 5th 20-11.00, Elijah Winder, Chapman 6th 20-10.25, Aaron Powell, McPherson 7th 20-07.25, Blake Poje, Tonganoxie 8th 20-06.75.

Boys Triple Jump

Carson Key, Bishop Miege 1st 45-07.50, Elijah Winder, Chapman 2nd 43-04.75, Jessie Jones, Parsons 3rd 42-11.25, Aaron Powell, McPherson 4th 42-08.00, Canon Karn, Holton 5th 42-04.00, Carter Wagner, Rose Hill 6th 42-01.25, Phillippe Manga, Nickerson 7th 42-00.50, Marion Ryan, Parsons 8th 41-10.50.

Boys Javelin

Riley Marx, Andale 1st 194-07, Bo Robison, Paola 2nd 191-07, Tanner Cash, Clearwater 3rd 179-10, Nathan Vincent, Louisburg 4th 176-10, Jacob Ludwick, Clay Center 5th 174-03, Trent Hastings, Clearwater 6th 167-03, Connor Dunback, Eudora 7th 162-04, Tyler Kiser, Rose Hill 8th 161-07.

Jon Salmela-Jenkins, Chapman 10th 147-02, Aiden Pruente, Chapman 12th 145-06.

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