Cross Country Results: From Clay Center



Allison Liby, 37th, 30:10.95; Alice Bathurst, 39th, 31:26.62.


Grant Waite, 8th, 18:29.63; Thurman Geissinger, 19th, 19:11.16; Aaron Geissinger, 31st, 19:55.32; Austin Mather, 36th, 20:31.20; Blaise McVan, 37th, 20:32.30; Max Dunnam, 41st, 20:41.97.

Cowboys JV

Dayton Wuthnow, 2nd, 20:12.22; Toben Schwarz, 13th, 22:01.69; Triston Stover, 18th, 22:37.08; Miqueas Mazo, 42nd, 25:14.71; Gavin Sykes, 42nd, 25:49.24.


Lady Irish

Taylor Briggs, 1st, 19:15.12.

Fighting Irish

Eli Winder, 32nd, 19:56.66; Jackson Wasylk, 39th, 20:39.14; Chris Falls, 40th, 20:41.32; J>P> Mitchell, 49th, 21:24.14; Jon Jenkins, 55th, 22:24.96; Taryn Hoffman, 56th, 22:35.28; Levi Gaston, 59th, 24:06.48.

Irish JV

Tyler Dalke, 6th, 21:22.48; Dalton Obermeyer, 16th, 22:26.60; Chris Mason, 21st, 22:42.97; Vincent Mowry, 53rd, 29:32.80.

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