After not competing for nearly two years, Abilene opened the 2021 track season at the Holton Relays Tuesday afternoon with the Cowgirls taking second place and the Cowboys third place in the first meet of the year,

Top 8 placers for Abilene Cowgirls

100M – Reagan Ditto, 3rd, 13.9; Addie Hasenbank, 6th, 14.3

200M – Allie Cross, 1st, 28.4; Chloe Rock, 5th, 29.2; Sammie Stout, 6th, 29.3; Amara Johnson, 7th, 29.7

400M – Claira Dannefer, 3rd, 1:11.3; Natasha Layton, 6th, 1:13.1

800M – Bailey Rock, 1st, 2:39.8

100M Hurdles – Joy Clemence, 2nd, 17.5; Tessa Bender, 5th, 18.5

300M Hurdles – Joy Clemence, 2nd, 51.8; Tessa Bender, 7th, 56.0

4x100 – 2nd (Allie Cross, Chloe Rock, Sammie Stout, Reagan Ditto) 54.5

4x400 – 1st (Joy Clemence, Aelyn Pecina, Claira Dannefer, Amara Johnson) 4:37.9

4x800 – 1st (Eden Bathurst, Aelyn Pecina, Alice Bathurst, Bailey Rock) 11:00.0

Shot Put – Grace Randles, 7th, 26-7

Discus – Callie Jones, 2nd, 94-10

Javelin – Grace Randles, 4th, 89-11

High Jump – Amara Johnson, 2nd, 4-8

Pole Vault – Tearney McGivney, 6th, 7-0; Jentree McGivney, 7th, 6-6; Darby Anguiano, 8th, 6-6.

Long Jump – Allie Cross, 7th, 14-0.5


100M – Caleb Burt, 8th, 12.2

200M – Lucas DeDonder, 1st, 23.2

400M – Carson Woodworth, 6th, 1:00.4

800M – Thurman Geissinger, 4th, 2:30.2; Zane Schultze, 5th, 2:34.0; Miqueas Mazo, 6th, 2:35.2

1600M – Triston Cottone, 2nd, 5:03.2; Dayton Wuthnow, 5th, 5:21.6; Adam Weishaar, 8th, 5:43.4

3200M – Grant Waite, 2nd, 10:43.0; Levi Hager, 5th, 11:23.1; Jack Hunter, 8th, 12:20.5

300M Hurdles – Joe Nicks, 8th, 58.7

4x100 – 2nd (Jensen Woodworth, Lucas DeDonder, Nathan Hartman, J’Angelo Herbert) 46.2

4x400 – 4th (Jensen Woodworth, Keaton Hargraves, Carson Woodworth, Jaylen West) 3:55.9

4x800 – 3rd (Triston Cottone, Thurman Geissinger, Dayton Wuthnow, Grant Waite) 9:22.0; 5th (Miqueas Mazo, Jack Hunter, Trevor Tovar, Levi Hager) 9:40.0

Shot Put – Conner Rose, 7th, 34-11

Discus – Conner Rose, 8th, 96-4

High Jump – Zander Ehrich, 4th, 5-6

Pole Vault – Aiden Gose, 2nd, 10-0; Judah Bowell, 3rd, 9-0; Wyatt Schmitt, 4th, 9-0; Toben Schwartz, 5th, 9-0; Rowdy Kuntz, 8th, 8-0

Long Jump – Caleb Burt, 1st, 20-2.75; Carsen Woodworth, 7th, 18-4.75

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