NCKL Results

#1 Doubles Maddie Beswick and Amara Johnson NCKL Champs

Went 4-1 only losing a close one during the middle of the day 6-8 to Marysville.

#2 Singles Maddie Murray 2nd Place

Went 4-1 on the day only losing to Marysville. Both singles draws were really competitive and Maddie played great to end up in 2nd as a sophomore.

#2 Doubles Gabby Guillen and Bailey Woody 5th

#1 Singles Dighton Tokoi 6th - Dighton was playing in the toughest spot in the tournament and she held her own against the best players in the league.

Home Varsity Results

#1 Doubles Maddie Beswick and Amara Johnson 3rd

Doubles competition today was really high quality and our level of play elevated to match it.

#2 Singles Maddie Murray 2nd place

Maddie has really adjusted well to singles the past couple tournaments and is playing some great tennis right now.

#1 Singles Dighton Tokoi 4th

#2 Doubles Gabby Guillen and Bailey Woody 4th

Regionals are Saturday the 9th at Buhler : Abilene, Buhler, McPherson, Clay Center, Concordia, Nickerson, Pratt, Ulysses


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