Abilene Vs. Concordia

 The Abilene offense gets set in preparation of running a play against the Concordia defense.

The Abilene Cowboys football team hit the road for the first time this year to play the 1-0  Concordia Panthers on Friday night.   Hoping for a faster start to this game , the Cowboys once again found themselves  falling behind and chasing their opponent  early in the first quarter.  

After the Abilene opening game kickoff , it took Concordia just two offensive plays to score on a 62 yard rushing touchdown and conversion to make the score 8-0 at the 11:04 mark.   The following kick off play Abilene fumbled the ball back to the Panthers.    Concordia then scored again at the 10:38 mark making the score 16-0 .    

Abilene would finally put a drive together, and would cap it off with a 11 yard Touchdown pass by Sophomore quarterback Stockton Timbrook to Senior wide receiver Nathan Hartman. The extra point would then fail making the score 16-6 at the 4:51 mark. Concordia, however would then finish the first quarter with two more scoring drives making the score 30-6.   

The second quarter would once again not fare well as the Panthers would score on a 54 yard interception return for a touchdown and a 51 yard pass play both by Panther star Keyan Miller.  Concordia would then score one more time on a rushing touchdown with 3:54 to go in the half making the halftime score 51-6. 

“Defensively we have to get more physical and tackle better” head coach Brad Nicks said. 

The Cowboys simply we’re having troubles making plays in the first half.  Several catchable passes to receivers fell incomplete killing promising Abilene offensive drives.   

“We  missed a lot of opportunities to make plays tonight, and that hurts.  As a team we have to be able to make the most of every chance we get in a game to have a chance to win against a good team”.  Nicks said.   In the second half,  the Abilene offense and defense would somewhat stabilize and play better.  A third quarter scoring drive  capped off by a 52  yard pass play from Timbrook to Senior Cooper Wildey would help close the gap. Timbrook would then kick the extra point to make the score 51-13.  The Fourth quarter would then only see one score from either team.  

Abilene Freshman running back Weston Rock would finish off a 6 yard touchdown run with 2:06 left to go and Timbrook would make the extra point try for a final score of 51-20 

For Concordia, Keyan Miller finished with 4 total touchdowns (2 rushing, 1 receiving, 1 interception return).  He led his team with 146 yards rushing, and 51 receiving 

For the Cowboys, quarterback Stockton Timbrook finished with 165 yards passing with 2 Touchdown passes and 31 yards rushing.  Sophomore running back Zach Miller finished with 46 yards rushing and 30 yards receiving.  

 “I thought our run game improved tonight, and we are slowly making some progress.  Unfortunately we had a call go against us when Zach Miller broke free for a long Touchdown run that didn’t count, but that’s a sign of us finally executing on some other things.  “ said Nicks

The Cowboys now get ready for a  rivalry game next Friday at Chapman.  The Irish are now 1-1 on the season beating Sabetha in their opener , but losing in Week 2 against Holton.


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