Concordia (CONC) 33.0 Abilene (ABIL) 32.0

106: Sajen Kemling (CONC) over Christopher McClanahan (ABIL) (Dec 6-4) 113: Jordan Anguish (CONC) over Cooper Wuthnow (ABIL) (Fall 5:52) 120: Koby Tyler (CONC) over Kaleb Stroda (ABIL) (Dec 6-4) 126: William Stroda (ABIL) over Braxton Kindel (CONC) (Fall 0:09) 132: Braden Wilson (ABIL) over Daniel Vines (CONC) (Dec 5-2) 138: Javin Welsh (ABIL) over Toby Wahlmeier (CONC) (Fall 3:28) 145: Cade Anderson (CONC) over Eli Schubert (ABIL) (Fall 3:27) 152: Jackson Randles (ABIL) over Nathan Brown (CONC) (MD 13-5) 160: Layton Kindel (CONC) over Trenton Wuthnow (ABIL) (Dec 7-3) 170: Keyan Miller (CONC) over Luke Hager (ABIL) (Fall 1:03) 182: Hunter Schroeder (CONC) over (ABIL) (For.) 195: Colby Mohr (ABIL) over Robert Trost (CONC) (Fall 1:30) 220: Brandon Parker (ABIL) over Shelby Giersch (CONC) (MD 8-0) 285: Adam Henely (ABIL) over Dalton Owen (CONC) (Dec 7-4)

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