Busy week for Kids Wrestling Club

This past week KWC members wrestled at Ellis, Tom Faust Open and Novice and at Wamego. Placing at Ellis Open was Andrew Latham, 4th. At Tom Faust Open: Evan Elliott 2nd, Caysyn Robson DNP, Bentley Strauss DNP, Eastin Shepard DNP, Aiden Shepard DNP and Ethan Gonzales DNP. At Tom Faust Novice: Kaelin Cole 1st and Hayden Ballou 3rd. From Wamego: Carter Shartzer 1st, Evan Elliott 1st, Eli Davidson 1st, Hayden Emig 1st, Cayne Taylor 1st, Keyen Koochel 1st, Murphy Randolph 1st, Dayven Cuba 1st, Cooper Holloway 1st, Isaiah Woods 2nd, Blaiten DeWeese 2nd, Bentley Strauss 2nd, Crayton Taylor 2nd, Alec Wuthnow 2nd, Jonah Foltz 2nd, Andrew Latham 2nd, Wilburn Vaught 2nd, Robert Collins 2nd, Jafet Aizprua 2nd, Ezra Jackson 3rd, Joshua Woods 3rd, Malakai Wilcox 3rd, Keiton Sare 3rd, Jaxson Sweat 3rd, Weston Presley 3rd, Catelin Owens 3rd, Noah Wuthnow 3rd, Canyn Taylor 3rd, Wade Hageman 4th, Cameron Boyd 4th, Remy Johnson 4th, Cody Owens 4th, Myles Callahan 4th, Archer Henely DNP, Kieran Riley DNP, Bryan Peterson DNP, Keslee Vilcot DNP and Travis Seibel DNP.

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