bankes barrel team

2019 Bankes Barrel Team

Members of the 2019 Bankes Barrel Team sponsored by AuBurn Pharmacies prepare to run in the 2019 Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo beginning July 31 to August 3. From left, alternate Makenna Stover and her horse Monster, Macy Elliott with Charlie, Afton Snider and Bally, Myah Elliott with Legacy and Sarah Johnson and her horse Katie.

Five Dickinson County ladies earned a spot on the Bankes Barrel Team, sponsored by AuBurn Pharmacies. They will compete against the pros at the 2019 Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo July 31 to August 3.

Macy Elliott set the pace with a 17.829 second run around the barrels on her horse Charlie. Afton Snider and Bally raced the pattern in 18.426 seconds. Legacy, ridden by Myah Elliott, finished the cloverleaf in 18.436 seconds. Sarah Johnson rounded the barrels in 18.524 seconds on Katie. Monster carried Makenna Stover around the triangle in 19.036 seconds.

During the 2019 Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo, Afton Snider has chosen to compete on Wednesday July 31. Sarah Johnson will run Thursday, August 1. Myah Elliott will compete on Friday August 2 and her sister Macy will race on Saturday August 3. Should any of the girls be unable to race, Makenna Stover will take her place.

All the girls will be at the rodeo Friday night, ‘Tough Enough to Wear Pink night’ to autograph photos for a $2 or more donation to the Elsie Brooks Cancer Foundation. They will be at a table inside the East gate.

AuBurn Pharmacies is the barrel racing event sponsor, and they will pay the entrée fees for the Bankes Barrel Team carrying on the tradition started by Bud and Linda Bankes in 1995.

In the event that one or more of the Bankes Barrel Team should place, AuBurn Pharmacies will pay her the equivalent of the money she would have won. The Bankes Team riders are not WPRCA members so they can only run exhibition. This is the 24th year these crowd favorites have competed at Abilene’s Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo.

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