Another track meet in the books for Abilene Middle School and a couple of school records were broken.

Jonathan Stevens broke the AMS school record in 100M Hurdles, previously held by sophomore Caleb Burt (15.56), with a new record of 15.53.

The 8th grade boys 4x400M Relay team of Dayton Wuthnow, Kellen Signer, Grant Waite and Jensen Woodworth broke the school record previously held by seniors Damian Hartman, Danny Espinoza, Ian Dunnam and Austin Wuthnow (4:07.20) with a new mark of 4:06.22.

Results of Clay Center Meet

Abilene Scores (Top 6)

8th Boys 32200M Run

Grant Waite, Abilene 1st 11:29.11

7th Girls 100M Hurdles

Zoey Debenham, Abilene 3rd 19.63

7th Girls High Jump

Mia Johnson, Abilene 3rd 4-2

8th Girls Javelin

Haylee Anguiano, Abilene 4th 71-5.75; Ryanne Feeney, Abilene 6th 70-4

7th Boys Pole Vault

Judah Armstrong, Abilene 2nd 8-4; Trenton Haslouer, Abilene 4th 7-4

8th Boys Long Jump

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 1st 17-2; Esteban Plunkett, Abilene 4th 16-2

8th Boys 1600M Run

Grant Waite, Abilene 1st 5:14.93; Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene 3rd 5:34.47

8th Girls 4x200M Relay

Abilene 6th 2:05.29

7th Grade Girls 800M Run

Samantha Stout, Abilene 5th 3:00.70

8th Girls 3200M Run

Kristen Stroda, Abilene 1st 14:26.81

8th Girls Shot Put

Callie Jones, Abilene 6th 28-8.50

8th Boys 4x100M Relay

Abilene 3rd 51.76

7th Girls 4x400M Relay

Abilene 4th 5:17.37

7th Boys 400M Dash

Brax Fisher, Abilene 4th 1:07.68; Carson Woodworth, 5th 1:07.72.

8th Boys 200M Dash

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 2nd 26.27

7th Boys 800M Run

CJ Brooks, Abilene 3rd 2:38.89; Keaton Hargrave, Abilene 4th 2:42.39

7th Girls 1600M Run

Eden Bathurst, Abilene 2nd 6:42.46

8th Boys Shot Put

Jensen Woodworth, Abilene 4th 33-1.76

8th Boys 400M Dash

Jensen Woodworth, Abilene 3rd 59.82

8th Boys 800M Run

Dayton Wuthnow, Abilene 3rd 2:27.77; Zane Schultze, Abilene 6th 2:37.34

8th Boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene 2nd 1:50.54

7th Boys 4x400M relay

Abilene 3rd 4:50.36

7th Boys 4x200M Relay

Abilene 2nd 1:57.43

8th Girls 4x400M Relay

Abilene 3rd 4:47.86

8th Boys 4x400M Relay

Abilene 1st 4:06.22

7th Boys Discus

Alec Area, Abilene 4th 67-3

7th Girls Triple Jump

Claira Dannefer, Abilene 4th 27-2.75; Hannah Walter, Abilene 6th 26-10.75

7th Girls Discus

Harley Herbert, Abilene 4th 61-9

7th Boys 3200M Run

Levi Hager, Abilene 1st 12:28.54; Maverick Metzger, Abilene 3rd 14:11.66

7th Girls Pole Vault

Eden Bathurst, Abilene 3rd 6-6; Jentree McGivney, Abilene 4th 6-0; Darby Anguiano, Abilene 6th 6-0

8th Boys 100M Dash

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 2nd 12.12; Eli Schubert, Abilene 4th 12.35; Kellen Signer, Abilene 6th 12.38

7th Boys Long Jump

Carson Woodworth, Abilene 3rd 15-0

7th Girls 400M Dash

Samantha Stout, Abilene 5th 1:11.88

7th Girls 4x200M Relay

Abilene 2nd 2:09.25

7th Boys 1600M Run

Trevor Tovar, Abilene 6th 6:07.77

7th Boys 4x100M Relay

Abilene 2nd 54.32

8th Girls High Jump

Amara Johnson, Abilene 1st 4-8

7th Girls Long Jump

Maci Meuli, Abilene 2nd 12-10; Callie Powell, Abilene 5th 12-4

7th Boys Javelin

Alec Area, Abilene 3rd 93-3

8th Boys 100M Hurdles

Jonathan Stevens, Abilene 2nd 15.53

8th Girls 400M Dash

Chloe Rock, Abilene 5th 1:07.28

8th Girls 4x100M relay

Abilene 5th 59.60

7th Boys 100M Hurdles

Markess Grissom, Abilene 4th 18.85; Brax Fisher, Abilene 5th 19.05

7th Girls 100M Dash

Samantha Stout, Abilene 6th 14.54; Mia Johnson, Abilene 6th 14.54

8th Girls 1600M Run

Kendra Jantz, Abilene 2nd 6:29.85

7th Girls Havelin

Alyssa Farr, Abilene 1st 78-5; Zoey Debenham, Abilene 3rd 68-10.5

Team Scores:

Boys 7th

Clay Center 133, Fort Riley 95.5, Eisenhower 88.5, Abilene 88, Marysville 48, Concordia 39.

Boys 8th

Marysville 118, Abilene 110, Eisenhower 100.5, Concordia 83.5, Fort Riley 67, Clay Center 45

Girls 7th

Eisenhower 123, Marysville 114, Abilene 89, Concordia 77, Clay Center 46, Fort Riley 23

Girls 8th

Eisenhower 162.5, Concordia 90.5, Clay Center 90, Marysville 84, Fort Riley 49, Abilene 45

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