7th Grade Girls

Abby Commaford, SES, 1st 6:36.8; Cali Augustine, SES, 2nd 6:44.4; Sariah Pittenger, Wamego, 3rd 6:47.3; Josie Heller, SES, 4th 6:50.3; Arissa Cathey, Abilene, 5th 6:59.8.

7th Grade Boys

Jace Fry, SES, 1st 5:50.2; Drew Elliott, Chapman, 2nd 5:51.1; Jack Burt, Lakewood, 3rd 5:51.9; Ben Heinrich, SES, 4th 6:18.1; Yandel Ramos, Lakewood, 5th 6:18.9; Jackson Green, Abilene, 6th 6:29.0.

Others: Caleb Busse, Chapman, 11th 6:44.0; Ethan Gonzales, Abilene, 12th 6:53.5; Matthew Zeller, Abilene, 19th 7:28.2; Ethan Gustin, Abilene, 32nd 9:37.6.

8th Grade Girls

Emmy Gfeller, Chapman, 1st 6:37.8; Eden Bathurst, Abilene, 2nd 6:38.4; Ashlynn Acevedo, Chapman, 3rd 6:44.1.

Others: Abigale Armstrong, Abilene, 13th 9:06.04; Taylor Wells, Abilene, 14th 9:06.4; Aly Brown, Abilene, 15th 9:14.2.

8th Grade Boys

Harrison Cutting, Wamego, 1st 5:25.0; Cooper Affholder, Lakewood, 2nd 5:31.9; Trevor Tovar, Abilene, 3rd 5:37.2; Gavin Wasmuth, Marion, 4th 5:40.2.

Others: Levi Hager, Abilene, 13th 6:12.9; Adam Weishaar, Abilene, 15th 6:32.7; Maverick Metzger, Abilene, 17th 6:38.1; Carson Woodworth, Abilene, 18th 6:40.5; Kolby Craig, Chapman, 23rd 6:50.9; Jack Hunter, Abilene, 29th 7:13.3; Travis Leasure, Chapman, 38th 8:58.9.

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