Kids Wrestling

Abilene kids wrestling results from Herington

Placing at Herington for the Abilene Kids Wrestling Club were Crayton Taylor, 1st; Colin Trower, 1st; Kaesen Phillips, 1st; Eli Davidson 1st; Wade Hageman 1st; Luke Trower 1st; Cayne Taylor 1st; Ethan Gonzales 1st; Carter Shartzer 2nd; Houston Savery 2nd; Blaiten DeWeese 2nd; Joshua woods 2nd; Jaystn Rego 2nd; Jaxson Sweat 2nd; Hayden Emig 2nd; Wilburn Vaught 2nd; Nolan Haslouer 2nd; Canyn Taylor 2nd; Myles Callahan 2nd; Quinn Geske 3rd; Sylas Murrison 3rd; Quinn Geske 3rd; Sylas Murrison 3rd; Carbon Rice 3rd; Jonah Foltz 3rd; Weston Presley 3rd; Hayden Ballou 3rd; Zander Cox 3rd; Ashton Cox 3rd; Caysyn Robison 4th; Heston Hoffman 4th; Ezra Jackson 4th; Isaiah Woods 4th; Alivia Bradzionis 4th; Cambree Obermeyer 4th; Keslee Vilcot 4th; Remy Johnson 5th; Archer Henely 5th and Charlie Slothower 5th. At Great Bend: Evan Elliott 2nd and Charlie Elliott 3rd.

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