With restrictions being placed upon them due to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletic directors across the state of Kansas are dealing with issues as it relates to sports fans and accommodations at sporting events.

For Abilene High School that means using a ticketing solution that satisfies the protocols established and meets the spectator number limitations. For the fall and probably the winter sports seasons, Abilene High School athletic director Will Burton has established a procedure with Ticket Spicket for fans to purchase tickets to events hosted by AHS.

Ticket Spicket is a web site that allows a fan that has been given the opportunity to buy tickets, the ability to buy those tickets. Each Abilene student athlete is given an allotment of seats per event determined by the event venue. Because of the restrictions placed on numbers of fans in attendance, there are fewer fans allowed to be in attendance in games played inside the high school versus Cowboy Stadium.

In volleyball for instance, Burton also has the responsibility of making sure health and safety measures are being maintained with temperature checks, masks being worn and social distancing in the stands.

The restrictions are relaxed a little for outside venue events.

Fans, in most cases family members, who have been given the opportunity to purchase tickets for an event, will need to go online to Ticket Spicket and purchase the actual ticket for admission. Each event will require an access code, which is given to them with authorization to buy tickets. If you don’t use the access code you will not be able to purchase tickets prior to the event.

The same holds true for fans of the visiting team. They are given an access code to use to make their ticket purchases as well. Both the home and visiting fans with access codes will have until the night before the event to make that purchase.

For instance, a varsity football is scheduled for Friday, fans with access codes will have until Thursday evening to make their purchase. At approximately 7 p.m. all remaining unsold tickets are now open for public sale on a first come first serve basis.

Fans must have the purchased ticket (a printed ticket or digital ticket on their mobile device) with them when coming to Cowboy Stadium, as general admission seats are not being sold at the gate in 2020

This procedure is in effect for varsity football and volleyball this fall at Abilene High School. Fans without tickets are reminded that varsity-sporting events are being live streamed on Five Star Studios YouTube.

Contact Ron preston at sports@abilene-rc.com.

Contact Ron Preston at sports@abilene-rc.com.

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