The Abilene Cowboys and Cowgirls Cross Country teams  traveled last week to Clay Center to run in the NCKL meet.  The Abilene Boys recently ranked 7th in the state in class 4A finished 4th overall with Tristan Cottone, Grant Waite, and Dalton Wuthnow all earning all league medals.  

The Cowgirls finished 3rd as a team, and were led by overall 2nd place finisher Eden Bathurst.  Both Bathurst and Hannah Walter medaled and earned all league. 

Comments by Head Coach Andy Cook:

I’m happy for our 5 runners who earned all league medals. I expected to see Eden, Grant and Triston medal. I was thrilled to see Hannah and Dayton also finish on the medals. That was a nice addition. They’ve worked hard and deserve the recognition. 

I’m also happy to be back to full strength this week in both the girls and boys. We’ve had some little things here and there holding some runners out and they should be back this week. 

I’m very excited to see all of our kids go out and compete for us. We have some work to do in the race but I think if we take care of our business, we will be sending a quality group to state again this year. 


Boys Varsity 

9th Triston Cottone 17:57. Medalist 

10th Grant Waite  18:02. Medalist 

14th Dayton Wuthnow 18:24. Medalist 

21st Levi Hagar 19:28

27th Jensen Woodworth 19:51

33rd Miqueas Mazo 21:13

35th Adam Weishaar 21:30

Girls Varsity 

2nd Eden Bathurst 21:24. Medalist 

15th Hannah Walter 24:21. Medalist 

23rd Aelyn Pecina 27:47

24th Allie Cross 27:56

26th Alice Bathurst 28:53

28th Reese Jackson 30:45

JV Boys

8th Cooper Wuthnow 

18th Ethan Gonzales

21st Gage Taylor 

22nd Toben Schwarz 

23rd Carsen Woodworth 

26th Gavin Sykes 

38th Aidan Henely

42nd Nathan Jackson 


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