Student scores improving in Rural Vista
HOPE — Student assessment scores in the areas of reading and math are improving at schools in Hope and White City. The Rural Vista Unified School District Board of Education received that good news recently....more»
Initial bidder moves on Alco
A Los Angeles-based financial group states that it became the initial bidder for Alco Stores, the Midwest chain that began in Abilene. Great American Group has been selected as the "stalking horse," which in business lingo means it is the initial bidder for the company in case of a potential liquidation....more»
Serious flower power
Whether they encounter droughts, floods or flower-eating dogs, the Bradleys are committed to their garden. This month, their hard work paid off when an anonymous person nominated O....more»
Chapman students building a home
CHAPMAN — Chapman High School students have a house to build, and it looks like the first nails already have been pounded in. Unified School District 473’s Board of Education agreed to approve a bid resulting in the sale of the soon-to-be constructed tech house....more»
Local vet competes in international video contest
Campaigning for her own video to win a national contest is pushing an area veterinarian out of her comfort zone. But after Dickinson County people served her and her family when they were hit by the tornado of 2008, Sarah Mills believes a little online self-promotion is the least that she can do....more»
Greyhounds galore
On the international stage, greyhound racing may have declined since the 1960s, but the local fall meet showed greyhound racing still is "on the go" as a multi-million dollar industry, drawing people from across the nation and globe to Abilene....more»
Field of dreams
It’s been a while for Kansas City Royals fans to be really excited about October baseball. How about 29 years to be exact? In that time period there has been a lot of baseball played, but until recently with a retooled roster of young, energetic, athletic players has the quality of play been credible for the post season....more»
Alco update
While Abilene residents and local Alco workers wonder about the fate of one of its most emblematic stores, a Dallas judge signed an interim order last week approving a loan for the company....more»
Alcohol at Sterl Hall?
In recent years, the Dickinson County Commission has been asked numerous times to consider allowing alcohol to be served at Sterl Hall, located on the Central Kansas Free Fairgrounds....more»
Crews will repave main avenue all week
If you are in a hurry to be somewhere, it might be a good idea to leave home earlier than ususal. All of this week, crews will be working on Abilene’s busiest street, snarling traffic as they repave Buckeye Avenue....more»
On the market?
Abilene school district officials received the go-ahead Monday night to look for parties interested in acquiring Garfield school after Eisenhower Upper Elementary is built and in use....more»
Up in the air
Anyone who has lived in Kansas for any amount of time quickly learns what to do when a tornado is headed their way — take cover, preferably in a basement or on the lowest level possible....more»
Fear not
They may not wear a cape, but they’re tough and brave. And when someone needs saving, they come to the call. Firefighters are a child’s hero. However, in the midst of an actual fire, most children don’t flock to the firemen....more»



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