I will admit I dosed off there once or twice during the first half of the Super Bowl.

It had been a long, hard day.

But it wasn’t the worst football game in history.

Those so-called analysts that say it was, must have forgotten about Super Bowl 48 played in 2014.

Seattle Seahawks upset the Denver Broncos 43-8.

At the half it was 22-0. At the end of the third quarter television sets were switched to the Puppy Bowl as Seattle led 36-8.

It was the first time in Super Bowl history that a team scored over 40 points while holding its opponent to under 10.

While last Sunday the L.A. Rams looked like they were stuck on slow moving Ocean Avenue on a Saturday afternoon, they were still butting heads up to the last few minutes.

Chiefs fans couldn’t believe L.A. scored just three points after the Rams scored 54 points against them on Nov. 19.

I would be hard pressed to find a Chief’s fan that bet on the New England Patriots, but the statement could be made that the Super Bowl was actually played two weeks earlier in the AFC championship between the Chiefs and the world champion New England Patriots.

I, too, would have lost, betting on the Rams. However, regarding the proposition bets, I would have faired well.

• How long will it take Gladys Knight to sing the U.S. National Anthem?

The over/under was 1 minute and 49 seconds. Of course it was going over. It lasted over two minutes.

• What will be the predominant color of Adam Levine’s shirt at the start of the halftime show?

Of course black! The bet should have been what will he be wearing at the end of the show?

Just maybe one of the prop bets should have been how many times officials would stop the game to review a play considering both the NFC and AFC championship games were decided by official reviews.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don’t remember an official review on Sunday other than the one touchdown. But then there was that short time I was snoozing.

Another Super Bowl that stunk was Super Bowl 24 where San Francisco beat Denver 55-10. The score was 27-3 at halftime and 32-10 at the start of the fourth quarter.

So what keeps the fans tuned to Super Bowls when the winner is obvious?

The commercials, of course.

While many agree that the Budweiser plugs are among the best, they might not be the most remembered.

“Hey kid, catch” may be the best commercial of all time when Mean Joe Greene tossed his game-worn jersey to a young fan who offered him a Coke.

There was also the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” commercial.

Pepsi fought back with Cindy Crawford downing a can at a vending machine at the Halfway Cafe.

Budweiser’s Puppy Love commercial was a real tear jerker.

And who can forget the Bud frogs saying “Bud” “Wise” “Er”?

So what was your favorite commercial this year?

Were you impressed by the stars of Michael Bublé, an Andy Warhol lookalike, Kristin Chenoweth, Jason Bateman, Steve Carell or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Some reported “ads aren’t supposed to make people cry,” but the Microsoft “we all win” spot on the Xbox Adaptive Controller took minds off overpaid athletes playing a game.

But being in the news business, Tom Hanks saying, “Knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free.” gets my nod.

Okay, Harrison Ford’s dog was also cute.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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