Christmas is just around the corner.

Hope everyone survives this troubled time of year in 2020.

It certainly has been different.

Christmas is usually the time people gather to celebrate with family: grandchildren, children, parents and grandparents and, in some cases, great-grandparents.

New Year’s Eve is usually a time to celebrate with friends and watch college football bowl games.

This is usually the time of year the Interstate has wall to wall traffic and the airports are overbooked for holiday travel.

Who knows? This year we all may be coughing or in quarantine by December 25.

Who doesn’t know one of the close to 866 people that have tested positive for the virus? Most of us probably are familiar with the 13 that have died.

The Reflector-Chronicle will not be publishing on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24,  or Christmas Day, Dec. 25 so I do know that a couple days off are in my future.

For the next three weeks here are some things that will also not be happening for me:

• Attending an Abilene High School basketball game;

• Drinking margaritas on a beach in sunny Florida. That would require a long road trip or airplane ride;

• Traveling to Kansas City to see the lights on the Plaza;

• Attending a Broadway musical at the Music Hall in Kansas City; (Wicked is coming back in June and hopefully the “herd immunity,” if that is possible, will protect us by then.)

• Drinking a martini at the Yard House in Village West;

• Making a trip to Colorado to stay in a cabin and look for elk and moose;

• Taking an airplane trip on Christmas Day to visit relatives; (They don’t sell alcohol in Detroit, Michigan on Christmas Day, by the way!)

• Going shopping at JC Penney;

• Testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, so far, which is the actual name of the respiratory virus we all refer to as COVID-19, the coronavirus disease;

• Being placed in quarantine for two weeks because of association with someone that did test positive, although I think I could handle that;

• Writing much for the newspaper.

As you probably guessed with the exception of the last three, all of those are events that my wife Kathy and I have enjoyed over the years, many during the winter months around the holidays.

However, next week I will be going “under the knife”.

Actually, I’m having an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

Not sure how long before my fingers can glaze over a keyboard again. Yes, this Christmas will be a little different.

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I wanted to add to the article on masks/no masks, I get it that covid is real. I work with covid Patients. please do your research before you turn your city upside down. I did get to read the latest release from your city officials , the notice on masks and fines, etc. I want to be very clear the materials of the masks that the county officials have approved are not safe in protecting against the virus. Health care providers should know this. ANY TYPE a VIRUS (or any virus)is very small in size. normal surgical masks have pores approx 0.3-10 microns, and viruses are 0.004 to 0.1 in size, so how can any of these materials you all are approving prevent a virus, they simply cannot. Yet the city lays out that if you do not comply to the ridiculous mandates you are "breaking the law" covid is real. All of the people I have cared for that have passed had severe health issues, end stage COPD,severe diabetes, cardiac issues etc Frankly most if not all had a life expectancy of 6-9 months at best I would hope that who ever is in the middle of all this will enforce things that make a true difference, there is enough hysteria in 2020 without tearing at the core of the residents of Dickinson County and the many small local businesses who are working to keep their doors open. Please do some research before you make a fool of yourselves on the masks, the truth on masks, They may be able to stop snot flying in your face but even then if that snot contains the virus these masks you are approving will NOT stop the virus. Hope you all spend time with things like promoting hand washing, social distancing, etc. this mask thing has to go

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