I tried my best to recall an awards show during the actors’ strike in which there was no audience. 

Someone read off the categories and announced the winners. The whole normal five-hour event lasted 30 minutes.

It was wonderful!

I also recall a professional football game with no announcers.

No Joe Buck or Tony Romo going on and on with annoying commendatory?

Loved it!

Since the PGA started back up, my Sunday afternoons and sometimes evenings are back in front of the television watching the last day’s action.

It did seem a little strange when Justin Thomas made a 40-foot putt that the only reaction was a fist pump.

Fans may have to get together on Zoom to watch, and scream, at the 16th hole during the Phoenix Open.

There will be that guy yelling “You the man” after every shot.

I won’t miss it.

I particularly liked the Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson challenge when the players were miked. 

I don’t think Tom Brady said a single word in the first nine holes and then couldn’t keep quiet during the back nine.

Might be something the PGA should be looking into on a regular basis, naturally with someone’s finger on the five-second delay button to prevent certain words and phases from making it to the viewers.

Tuesday night there was a rerun of a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres. Lots of crowd noise. 

The Padres’ mascot looked like Friar Tuck in Robin Hood. Padre is a common word for father and often refered to a member of the clergy.

A Yankee on the other hand could be anyone living in America while, for someone in the south, it could refer to a northerner.

Turning the channel to a NBA preseason event, there were no fans in the stands. They blocked off the arena thus there were no empty seats showing.

Fans can sometimes be annoying.

Recall the vuvuzela noise during soccer’s World Cup.

To some, like me, their unmistakable drone is the world’s most irritating sound, a headache-inducing menace that ruined the World Cup.

However, it is a South African tradition that certainly made the World Cup unique.

We now have gotten accustomed to watching events on our phones or pads like:

• School;

• Graduations;

• Meetings;

• Court;

• Concerts;

• Press conferences.

Why not sports?

No longer trying to find a parking spot, walking half a mile, having that guy with the 10 gallon hat sit in front of me or sitting behind the student section at a K-State basketball game won’t exactly be missed.

Professional and college games could continue as regularly scheduled televised events. Smaller colleges, community colleges, high school and middle school should show events over the Internet.

That way, we could have fans but not in the stands until COVID-19, somehow, goes away.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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