What a strange year 2020 has been the last seven months.

There are things that I have seen and done that are crazier than a scene from the Twilight Zone.

My favorite Twilight Zone episode was the 1960 “Eye of the Beholder.” A young woman is seen lying in a hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, awaiting the outcome of plastic surgery in an attempt to make her look “normal.” Look it up.

Here are some things I never thought I would ever do:

• Wear a mask and not worry about having bad breath in public;

• Walk into a bank wearing a mask to make a deposit as opposed to making a withdrawal and then making a clean getaway;

• Not worry about how strong my grip was when shaking the hand of a U.S. Congressman;

• Not give hugs at a funeral home visitation (which I have avoided since March);

• Not be allowed to participate in a dollar dance with the bride at a wedding (which I have not attended since March);

• Go seven months without eating inside of a restaurant (though we have carried out some);

• Some of you may say going to a movie at the theater but I have gone years without stepping inside and paying for overpriced popcorn and Diet Coke;

• Keep seeing TP (toilet paper) on the grocery shopping list only to not find any on the shelves at the store;

• See that deodorant was scratched off the list each week;

• Play a round of golf without pulling the flag on the green  

• View district court proceedings on my phone;

• Sit in on a jury trial on YouTube.

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