Saturday turned into a trip down memory lane.

Kathy and I went to the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art to see the photography of Pete Souza.

Souza was a graduate assistant while I attended Kansas State University.

At the museum, photographs of his time as official White House photographer for President Ronald Reagan’s second term and all eight years with President Barack Obama are on display.

I have two of his books in my office but both just contain photos of when Obama was in the White House.

While in Manhattan we toured the K-State campus which has changed considerably.

The house I first lived in still sits on the corner of 14th Street and Freemont.

But it looked rather small now.

I hear Aggieville is getting another makeover. Today there aren’t many businesses still operating from the mid 70s.

Mother’s Worry which had the classic “Saturday Night Fever” disco floor with flashing lights has long gone.

The Hardees where we often chowed down char-broiled hamburgers when the bars closed at midnight is now a Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Sometimes we went to Vern’s where students found freshly made donuts after midnight that were sold out of the back of what looked like a residence.

I also couldn’t find Brothers or Dark Horse taverns.

Back then students could write a check for $5 and it would last all night.

I believe it was Kites which is still in Aggieville where my fraternity brother wrote a check for $5 and the waiter came back saying his last check had bounced. So John wrote another check for $10 which was accepted.

What has also changed is our first residence at Jardine Terrace. We lived in building “J,” first in apartment 2 and later in apartment 3, which is what prompted this mental trip down memory lane.

As I had just barely turned 18 years old, I packed up my clothes, my 8-track stereo (which to my wife’s displeasure I still have) and some toiletries in cardboard boxes.

I didn’t own a suitcase.

While Kathy was attending Bethany College in Lindsborg and I was at K-State, a lot of travel was involved. So we decided to get married.

Before the August wedding date we, well mostly she, did some advance planning. I made a couple trips to Manhattan to find a job. She gathered some furniture for our first apartment together.

My folks gave us an antique oak bed which we still have. And years later, Kathy’s parents gave us the matching dresser which we also still have. I think Kathy’s folks gave us a recliner and a couch and her grandmother gave us a dining table and four chairs.

We were set for the big move to Manhattan.

But then news came from the Kansas State University Housing Services.

The room we were assigned was furnished.

Yikes! What to do with the furniture we had gathered?

Kathy’s parents said they would store it all for us. But that didn’t last long.

Upon entering the apartment at J-2 Jardine Terrace, we found the two rooms completely empty.

Yikes! What to do?

We called in Kathy’s aunt and uncle in Concordia who had a truck and a horse trailer and made a couple trips back and forth from Abilene to Manhattan, back in the day when there was no road connecting Fort Riley Boulevard with Interstate 70 West.

We got unpacked and settled in, ready to start classes the following Monday.

But first I had to start my new job at what is now Little Apple Cars.

That lasted one day as they had forgotten that they had hired me weeks before in July.

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