The school supply list sure has changed.

Looking at Tuesday’s “Abilene goes back to school” section, neither my classmates nor my children would have known what earbuds were, let alone an iPad which my teachers would have said is spelled incorrectly.

We were taught in English class that proper nouns — the names of people, specific places and things — should be capitalized. Occasionally, a person’s sir name might have two letters capitalized such as McPherson.

Steve Jobs wanted to name Apple’s new computer MacMan but Ken Segall came up with iMac with the “i” referring to access to the Internet.

There are some celebrities that don’t capitalize their names such as k.d. lang, and danah boyd, a principal researcher at Microsoft.

English purists would also be circling the incorrect punctuation in that last sentence.

Next week you might see t∑e t!me by t!m.

Kinda catchy. It could be one of those Internet memes: “Only 20 percent of people will be able to read this.”

Fifty years ago on the school supply lists there were no:

• Book bags

• Baggies

• Hand sanitizer (we brought bar soap)

• Glue sticks

• Dry erase makers

There are a few items on the school supply lists today that haven’t changed in 50 years though.

• No. 2 pencils

• Box of 24 Crayons (there are now 150 colors available)

• Kleenex

• Notebooks

• Colored pencils

• Scissors

Here are some items on my old school supply list that we don’t see anymore:

• Big Chief Tablet

• nap mat or rug

• Protractor

• Pocket dictionary

• Slide rule (found one on ebay for $23.99)

The first recollection of going to school was kindergarten at McKinley.

We brought rugs so we could take naps.

I still recall playing on the rocking horse in the playground area that is now the library.

In junior high the No. 1 goal was to avoid getting a swat from a teacher and that darn girls’ PE coach was one of the best at it.

At the beginning of school it was so hot we sometimes had to hold class outside or school was dismissed early to avoid the hottest part of the day.

During the winter months during junior high we trudged through the ice and snow to eat lunch at Garfield.

School just might be more fun today.

Students can avoid classroom noise by popping in those earbuds and listening to k.d.lang, if you like country music, or if you like rap music while doing homework on an iPad.

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