I cooked Saturday.

From scratch.

And I still smell like garlic.

I haven’t cooked from scratch since junior high when my mother Nelda taught me to cook.

Back then Betty Crocker didn’t have a mix that I could just add milk to as a way to make muffins.

We consulted the “Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.”

We mixed sifted flour, baking powder, salt and sugar with egg, milk and butter.

Those same ingredients made homemade pancakes.

Mix brown sugar, sugar, water and maple flavoring and we had syrup for those pancakes.

I have said this before, but these days I don’t cook. I heat up.

To make tacos, I brown some hamburger and add a packet of taco seasoning. The shells are purchased already made.

For hamburgers, I coat patties with a Kansas City rub and throw them on the grill.

Since I have an air fryer, I don’t even use the oven anymore.

The reason I actually cooked on Saturday involves my grandchildren which I will explain later.

My wife Kathy loves scampi.

My friend Google came up with a recipe for shrimp scampi and linguine.

Looked pretty easy.

Cook the shrimp and stir it into the linguine.

How hard could that be?

I can hear you chefs out there laughing at me.

First of all, I had to ask what a shallot was. Why didn’t the recipe just say small onion?

Just because they are small onions doesn’t mean they won’t make your eyes burn. As I chopped, I looked like a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

I have never used fresh garlic before.

The recipe called for two cloves of minced garlic. So I bought two.

“Kathy! What I am supposed to do with the garlic?” I yelled.

She advised that there were buds inside that needed to be minced, whatever that meant.

So I opened up what I now know is the bulb which had about six cloves inside.

It’ll be next week before the smell goes away, I’m sure. Good thing I didn’t use the other one.

I opened the shrimp.

“Kathy! What does devein mean?”

Why didn’t it just say pull the tail off?

Next time I am going to buy the already cooked shrimp scampi, add it to the linguine and heat it up.

I caught this urge to cook after I found out that two of my grandchildren like a couple of Grandpa’s dishes.

The oldest, Hayden, likes my cheesy nachos.

It’s pretty simple really.

Make a layer of some tortilla chips (I like the kind that has the hint of lime). Adding hamburger is optional. (Who doesn’t have a grilled hamburger patty in the freezer which can be thawed out and crumbled up?)

Next, add some salsa and top with shredded cheese, some of which naturally will end up all over the kitchen counter and maybe on the floor.

Microwave until the cheese starts to melt and in seconds it can be used as a snack for the Super Bowl or as a complete meal.

Recently I made scrambled eggs for breakfast for my granddaughter Gemma.

I don’t scramble my eggs until after they are completely cooked.

Crack open a few eggs and start cooking them like you would sunny side up. Break open the yoke because I don’t want them sunny side up.

Sprinkle in some of that shredded cheese until one side is cooked. Turn until the other side is cooked. Then scramble those cheesy eggs.

So when son Ryan was making eggs for Gemma the next day, she said, “Can you make them like grandpa Tim?”

Now that, my friends, was my motivation to cook again.

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