Tim Horan

Now that the weather is frigid in Kansas, I’m reminded of growing up south of Abilene as a Tween.

Saturday the temperature is going to be in the minus degree area; not for sure how low, depending on the wind chill.

I might have to see if the pond at Brown’s Park is frozen just for old time’s sake.

My older sisters Sandy and Marita ice-skated on the pond located under the water tower in Brown’s Park. I would say I attempted to skate but mostly I ended up on my rear.

The pond is still there. The tower is not.

Did I climb that water tower?  Let’s just say, I’m glad you can’t tell my folks.

Many winters we spent sliding around on the frozen Turkey Creek. (I still pronounce it “crick.”)

We never had a problem with the ice cracking like it did in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We would take large rocks and throw them onto the ice as hard as we could to check it.

When it’s -11 degrees, the ice can be pretty thick.

One year we got out the garden hose to create the perfect bobsled course down the hill north of the house. 

Only problem was, at the end of that hill was a barbed wire fence.

Today is my daughter Robin’s birthday. 

She was born during a snowstorm in Manhattan where Kathy and I were still trying to get our degrees from Kansas State University. But this isn’t about how we played Nertz all night while she was in labor.

There were so many giving birth that day that Kathy’s first couple hours of labor at the hospital were in the hallway.

I watched the K-State vs. KU basketball game and I ate her meals since she didn’t want them before Robin arrived.

It was so cold that year and the ice on Turkey Creek was so thick that I could probably walk on it now even though I’m 100 pounds heavier.

When Robin was in middle school we planned a sledding party near the pond where my folks lived for her birthday.

What a great idea it was to have those middle schoolers get all wrapped up in coats and gloves to slide down the hill of the pond onto the glassy surface!

But as you all know, because you live in Kansas, it might be -11 degrees on Saturday and 60 degrees on Sunday.

As it turned out that Feb. 11 in 1990, the temperature was 72 degrees.

We went to Brown’s Park, roasted hot dogs over a fire and the birthday guests all rode my folks’ Shetland pony instead.

Welcome to the weather in Kansas where if you are unhappy with it, just wait a couple days.


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