We are entering into the Christmas season and throughout the town I have seen it proudly displayed: Jesus is the reason for the season. Why do we only talk about Jesus during the Christmas season? Why do not we as Christians talk about Jesus any other season? Why do we have to wait for Christmas to proclaim our love for Jesus? What is wrong with March 14 or Aug. 28? Why Dec. 25?

2 Timothy 4:2 states, “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.” Christmastime is a good season to spread the Gospel, but so is out of season, like Arbor Day. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, but why not discuss his birth on Jan. 5. Then while discussing his birth, we can discuss his life. Why not do that on Nov. 28? When discussing Isaiah 9, why wait until the Christmas season? Do it June 6. When teaching about Genesis 3, why not do that Oct. 4?

We cannot talk about his birth without talking about his purpose, which included his death. Can we not do that July 25? What is so special about December 25 that is not so special about February 26?

It is not about the gifts that we give to other people, but the gift God gave to us. When we teach about gifts, why not teach Romans 6:23 on October 12. Why do we not teach Ephesians 2:8, 9 on June 23?

Christmas songs are songs about Jesus and his birth. When we sing hymns in church, we are singing about Jesus. Why not sing “O Holy Night” on July 18? Why do we not sing “Joy To the World” on Sept. 17? Why not sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” on April 11?

How many friends or family members do you have or know who do not know Jesus as their savior? Open up the gospel to them and show them what Jesus has done in your life. Moreover, if you have to, do it Sept. 24.

As we near Christmas day, look for other meanings of Christmas: Happy Holidays, Merry X-Mas, Goodwill Towards Men, Peace on Earth, Angels of all varieties, etc. People still try to keep a religious overtone towards Christmas while removing Christ from it. What a shame.

We are not in a season for Jesus. We are in a season of confusion. Dec. 25 has become so secularized that the whole purpose of Christmas has lost its meaning. The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, our Savior.

Christmas is about Jesus and we need to keep it centered on Jesus. One day at my secular job, they were trying to come up with something for a Christmas slogan, and I piped up from my desk, “I can tell you what Christmas is about.” One of the women sighed and answered, “We already know what you’ll say, you will say it’s about Jesus and the angels.” My answer was simple, “No, I would never say it’s about angels.” Christmas is about Jesus, and not just one day but also all days.  The next time someone says to you, “Jesus is the reason,” you can respond with, “for all the seasons.”

Daniel Vandenburg is an Abilene native. He has written this weekly column since 2010.

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