Someone echoed Wednesday, “I can’t wait for winter!”

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to complain about the heat.

Forecast for today: 100 degrees.

I, for one, love summer and would much rather it be 100 degrees than freezing.

Just like our generation grew up without cell phones, 24/7 television, cable TV, remote control and 100 different types of soft drinks, we didn’t have air conditioners.

It wasn’t until I was in grade school that we got a window fan. It did a great job of blowing hot air into the room as we lay on the beds without blankets.

I don’t remember bottled water either. We used a garden hose.

At the old sand-green golf course south of town — where the big eagle is now — there was a horse spigot and a tin cup held there with baling wire.

Of course we rinsed out the cup before the next guy used it.

The start of school was often sizzling, though then school didn’t start until after the Central Kansas Free Fair which was in late August. I think school started after Labor Day and often it cooled down but more often we had history class outside because it was so hot.

You think it’s hot now at 100 degrees, trying working on an automobile. During my college days at the gas station, we often had cars boil over and we had to change a hose or thermostat. Even the oil was burning hot.

But of course we were more acclimated to the hot temperatures back then. We rolled down the windows of cars. Saturday afternoons often meant a water fight, only we used hoses not squirt guns.

They gave out paper fans at church and social events.

We played basketball in the park under the lights.

When we moved back to Abilene in 1980, our first home on Wildcat did not have an air conditioner.

Do you remember 1980?

During the month of July, the average high temperature was 101 degrees.

Here’s the four-day high:

• 105.1 degrees — ­ July 28

• 108 degrees — July 29

• 107 degrees — July 30

• 104 degrees — July 31

We ended up relying on our folks who just happened to have a very old window air conditioning unit they were not using.

We mounted the cooling unit into the window in the living room and for the next several days all three of us slept together on a fold-out couch.

Here are some tips for appreciating the heat wave:

• Remember the time you changed that flat tire on the Chevy in a blizzard and you forgot gloves (lucky you still have fingers);

• Recall swimming lessons in May before the air temperature reached a high of 70 (brrrrrr);

• Look back on that game of football when it was 10 degrees and the only warmth was charcoal burning in an open barrel;

• Remind yourself of the time you hunted and got stuck in a ditch, walking 10 miles home for help;

And for REALLY beating the heat: make ice cream. Stay cool. It’ll be over soon.

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