Natalie and Nathan

Nathan Welch and Natalie Harris.

Kevin and Rosemary Harris are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Natalie to Nathan Welch of Haddam, KS, son of Kenneth Welch and Lea Dawn Welch. Nathan is a graduate of Kansas State University and is a Sales Agronomist for Ag Service, Inc. Natalie also graduated from Kansas State University and is employed with Rabo AgriFinance as a Customer Relationship Specialist. They will be married on November 19th at Emmanuel Church.

Full Details

• Name:

• Nathan Christopher Welch

• Natalie Rose Harris

• College Education:

• Kansas State University (for both of us)

• Groom’s degree: agronomy

• Bride’s degree: agribusiness and global food systems leadership

• Current occupation:

• Groom – Ag Service, Inc.

• Sales Agronomist

• Bride – Rabo AgriFinance

• Customer Relationship Specialist

• Parents:

• Groom (they’re divorced, but still share the same last name)

• Kenneth Welch

• Lea Welch

• Bride

• Kevin and Rosemary Harris

• Hometowns:

• Groom

• Haddam, Kansas

• Groom’s Dad

• Haddam. Kansas

• Groom’s Mom (current residence)

• Topeka, Kansas

• Bride and her parents

• Abilene, Kansas

• Wedding Day

• November 19th

• Emmanuel Church

• Abilene, Kansas


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