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Titan Steele, recent recipient of the Love's Customer Commitment Award, stands in front of a mural at Love’s Travel Stop

Love’s Travel Stop General Manager James Bohanan talks highly of one of his hardworking employees, Titan Steele.

“Titan is an example of what we want in an employee. He keeps the customers coming back, makes the customers happy, has a friendly demeanor, very approachable, just does an outstanding job,” he said. “He’s a great employee. Does a really good job.”

Steele seems to just be an 18-year-old young man who works the graveyard shift at Hardee’s. However, beyond that, he is one of the hardest working at Love’s and it does not go unnoticed.

Twice a month a ‘Mystery Shopper’ anonymously comes into Love’s to asses the performance of the store. The shoppers give scores based on how well the store and restaurant are operating and will acknowledge anyone they see displaying the best service. Bohanan said that for a month and a half straight the mystery shoppers identified Steele’s outstanding performance four times, and each time he scored in the 90-100 percentile range.

Bohanan said there was an additional two times Steele has been acknowledged in the past nine months he has worked at Love’s, for a total of six.

Titan was described by the Mystery Shoppers as “initiative with conversation, friendly, energetic, and eager to help with customers.”

“Outstanding is the word they repeatedly used,” Bohanan said of the Mystery Shopper comments.

Based on his wonderful performance, Steele was nominated by Bohanan for the Love’s Customer Commitment Award which is only received by 12 nominees across the nation each month. In November Steele achieved this award.

He said he was completely surprised. He had no idea he was nominated.

He said he was made aware of the award in a letter from the corporate management team which included digital signatures from the CEO and his sons who work for the company.

An additional certificate was hand signed by other Love’s executives. When accepting the Customer Commitment Award, Steele also received 500 points towards Loves’ bonus program, known as the Golden Hearts Program.

Since given the award, Titan has still been working the graveyard shift which is from 10:30 p.m. until 7 a.m.

During the shift Steele either works as frontline cashier or in the back as a cook. He explains the disadvantages of working at night is there are only two people scheduled so when one takes a break, the other is alone.

The opportunities arise at night because it’s not as busy, so there is extra time to get cleaning and more things accomplished than during a day shift. Steele is now training to be a shift leader where he will take on more responsibility, such as filing back office paperwork, making sure standards are being followed, everything is up to company policy, and switching out registers at the end of shifts.

“There’s always room to progress and go above and beyond” and that’s what he has done since he began the job and what he’ll continue to do, he said.

In Steele’s free time he is heavily invested in personal finance and he enjoys working with electronics such as building computers. He also spends time with music.

He plays trumpet and percussion. In the future Titan plans to start earning his computer IT certification to help him enter the information technology field.

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