Xpressions Salon and Day Spa's left storefront windows and decorations were blown out by the wind storm Dec. 15.

During the Dec. 15 windstorm, several storefront windows from Xpressions Salon and Day Spa were blown out. Now, the windows are boarded up and waiting to be replaced.

“I was in here, one of my stylists was at the front door waiting for her nephew to get his stuff so she could take him out to his mom’s car,” Chelsea Hoerner, owner of Xpressions, said. “I was over here doing nails. I heard a noise, so I asked her, ‘did something just hit the building?’ She’s like ‘no, nothing,’ I really think it was the cracking of that window because no sooner she said, ‘Chelsea, your window’s cracked.”

The blown-out windows, Hoerner said, were the original windows installed when the building was constructed, making them more than 100 years old. 

The left window storefront of Xpressions was blown out by the wind one by one. The decorations display was sucked out “like a vacuum” by the wind as well, Hoerner said. Most of the glass and decorations were blown down Cedar Street and Third Street, leaving little debris in front of her store. Hoerner said another window in the back of the building was blown out as well. Hoerner said the dump weighed the amount of glass debris that was cleaned up to be around 300 lbs. 

Currently boarded up, Hoerner said she is currently waiting for a bid from a window contractor and is hoping to have new windows installed in January. 

“I’m just very thankful no one got injured by the flying glass because it was crazy,” Hoerner said. 


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