Some Dickinson County election totals changed slightly, but the winners all stayed the same after Dickinson County Commissioners canvassed the 2019 General Election Friday morning.

Write-in candidates won positions in several races where no one had filed for office. Those races were not decided on Election Night Nov. 5 because write-in votes had to be compiled and hand-tallied.

Gordon Hunnicutt was elected to the Hope City Council by 32 write-in votes.

Four positions were open on the Rural Vista school board. No one filed for three of the slots. Rural Vista USD 481 includes schools in Hope in Dickinson County and White City in Morris County.

Chuck Hoff, a Morris County resident, was elected by write-in to two openings on the Rural Vista school board, requiring him to choose the position he wants to take, said Barb Jones, Dickinson County Clerk/Election Officer.

Hoff’s name was written in for District 1, Position 1 that requires the board member to reside in Morris County and for the At Large, Position 7 where the member can reside in either county. Once Hoff decides which position he wants, the open spot will still need to be filled.

Another open position on the Rural Vista school board that had no candidates was District 2, Position 2. Dickinson County resident Ryan Harrison won it by write-in.

His election was confirmed Friday after Dickinson County Commissioners certified the election. The Morris County positions on the Rural Vista school board are not official until the Morris County canvass which was scheduled for today (Monday), Jones said.

Provisional ballots

Thirty-nine provisional ballots were cast in Dickinson County during the Nov. 5 General Election. Of those, 29 were accepted and counted during Friday’s canvass.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about the voter’s eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can be counted.

For each provisional ballot, Jones listed the statute that determined whether or not the vote could be counted.

Of the 10 ballots that were not counted, all had to do with not being registered, not being registered in Dickinson County or registering after the deadline had passed.

Voter turnout remained around 22 percent, which is higher than typically seen during city/school/hospital elections, Jones said.

The canvass results were:

City commission/council

Abilene City Commission — Phil Hamilton, 417; William Hane, 178; Dee Marshall, 575; Brandon Rein 789; Timothy B. Shafer, 535

Chapman City Council — Jim Bell, 131; Dana Gaither, 112; Tim Jury, 154

Enterprise City Council — Tim Clark, 54; David A. McGuire, 24; Jamie R. Neal, 51; Jody Sare, 32; Carrie Sprouse, 71

Herington City Commission — Vance E. Donahue II, 156; David M. Jones 115; Kathleen “Kat” Souza, 89

City of Hope Mayor — Larry Ryff, 56

Hope City Council — Ginger Stewart, 37; Gordon Hunnicutt, 32

City of Solomon Mayor — R. Hunter McMillen, 107

Solomon City Council — Anna M. Bush, 91; William “Billy” Hemmy, 86

Hospital trustees

Abilene Memorial Hospital Board — Dennis Biggs, 1,376; Mildred Fink, 1,150; John Hultgren, 772; J. Steven Schwarting, 1,502

Herington Hospital Trustee — Leslie Mayes, 211; Dan McDonald, 144

Board of Education

• Southeast of Salina USD 306

District 1, Position 1 — Charisse Nurnberg, 4

District 2, Position 2 — Randy Cooper, 1; Dwight D. Conley, 6; Gary Olson 1

District 3, Position 3 — James C. Shelby, Jr., 5; Jared Wagoner, 3

At Large, Position 7 — Justin Knopf, 6

• Solomon USD 393

District 1, Position 1 — Carrie Herbel, 143

District 2, Position 2 — Justin D. Zerbe, 136

District 3, Position 3 — Andrea McCook, 143

At Large, Position 7 — Brad Homman, 127

• Centre USD 397

District 2, Position 2 — Steven G. Jirak, 1

District 3, Position 3 — Terry Deines, 0

At Large, Position 7 — Michelle D. Hajek, 0; Anita Svoboda, 0; Lance Diepenbrock, 0.

• Abilene USD 435

District 1, Position 1 — Veronica E. Murray, 1,065

District 2, Position 2 — Robert G. Keener, 1,050

District 3, Position 3 — Jennifer Waite, 1,113

At Large, Position 7 — Randy J. Gassman, 901; Amy Meysenburg, 358

• Chapman USD 473

District 1, Position 1 — Brenda Edleston, 647

District 2, Position 2 — Jerry Wright, 495; Lara Strauss, 268

District 3, Position 3 — Brian L. Rock, 667.

At Large, Position 7 — Todd A. Frieze, 617.

• Alta Vista USD 481

(Note: Chuck Hoff won two of the positions by write-in. He will need to decide which position to take)

District 1, Position 1 — Chuck Hoff, 23 (Unofficial until Morris County canvass)

District 2, Position 2 — Ryan Harrison, 3

District 2, Position 4 — Brittney Ann Lorson, 127

At Large, Position 7 — Chuck Hoff, 91 (3 votes in Dickinson County, 88 votes in Morris County; Unofficial until Morris County canvass)

• Herington USD 487

All At-Large — Jeremy Anschutz, 189; Lindy Blank, 225; Ryan Stevenson, 250; Mark A. Wendt, 251; and Nicole Will, 235.


• Red Bud Improvement District — Machelle A. Bennett, 10; Cathy Cosby, 9; and Joe Nold, 10

• Constitutional Amendment Question — Yes, 1,482; No, 1,118

• Sales Tax Question — Yes, 1,632; No, 1,129.

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