Some numbers changed, but the Nov. 3 General Election results in Dickinson County remained the same after the Dickinson County Commission canvassed the election Friday morning.

During the canvass, 103 provisional ballots were accepted, while 79 were rejected.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about the voter’s eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can be counted.

“Most of them (the 79) were either not registered ever or they were not registered in Dickinson County,” explained Dickinson County Clerk/Election Officer Barb Jones.

“That was the basic reason they were not counted and there are statutes to back that up.”

Thirteen ballots — postmarked on or before Nov. 3, Election Day — that arrived by mail on Nov. 4, 5 and 6 were counted as allowed by Kansas election law.

Voter turnout for the Nov. 3 General Election in Dickinson County was 70 percent, the highest recorded in recent history.

“We came close in 2004 and 2008 with 68 percent,” Jones said.

Advance voting locally was also at an all-time high with 3,912 advance voters, including those walking into the courthouse or those who received mail-in ballots.

“Every day was extremely busy. We had an average of 100 people a day walk in to vote from Oct. 14 until noon on Monday, Nov. 2,” Jones told commissioners earlier this month. “And on one day we had 305 people which was a record also.”


Laurie Megan Armstrong, a rural Abilene woman who mounted a write-in campaign for the District 3 Dickinson County Commission seat, received a total of 238 votes on election night.

No additional votes were picked up during the canvass from either the provisional ballots or the 13 mail-in ballots, Jones said

Incumbent Craig Chamberlin won the District 3 Commission seat with 2,713 votes.

Three township officers were elected by write-in because nobody had filed for the open positions: Flora Township trustee Henry Steckman received 15 votes; Union Township trustee Jim Fells had 3; and Rinehart Township treasurer Loren Barten had 5.


The closest contest in the county occurred in the Herington City Commission race where three candidates were vying for two open positions. After the canvass, Debi Urbanek and Benjamin K Castleberry were elected, with Urbanek receiving 457 votes, Castleberry with 455 and Eric Gares received 440.

Three candidates also were seeking two open seats on the Herington Municipal Hospital Board of Trustees. Ed Mueller was elected with the highest number of votes at 633. Also elected was Howard Hailey with 385 votes, followed by Daniel McDonald with 276.

Two candidates were seeking the Grant Township treasurer position. Chuck Loader was elected with 430 votes and Jeanne Herrera had 91.

Following are local vote totals:

U.S. President & Vice-President: Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen 163; Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2,060; and Donald Trump and Michael Pence 7,126.

U.S. Senator: Barbara Bollier 2,235; Jason Buckley 492; and Roger Marshall 6,553.

U.S. Rep 1st Dist: Kali Barnett 2,114; Tracey Mann 7,065.

State Senate 24th Dist: J.R. Claeys 5,913.

State Senate 35th Dist: Richard Wilborn 2,068.

State Rep 68th Dist: Scott T. Dawson 228; Dave Baker 685

State Rep. 70th Dist: Jo Schwartz 1,944; John E Barker 6,304.

State Board of Ed 6th Dist: Deena L. Horst 5,906.

County Commissioner 2nd Dist: Lynn Peterson 2,660.

County Commissioner 3rd Dist: Craig Chamberlin 2,713.

County Clerk: Barbara M. Jones 8,444.

County Treasurer: Leah Hern 8,593

County Register of Deeds: Martha J. “Marty” Holt 8,361

County Attorney: Andrea Purvis 7,970

County Sheriff: Jerry Davis 7,929.

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