Those 200 people over 65 in Dickinson County that managed to get an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine today will have to wait until next week.

The vaccine which comes from Memphis, Tenn., did not arrive due to cold weather, said John Hultgren, director of the Dickinson County Health Department which is administering the shots.

“The weather screwed us up in getting vaccine so we had to move it,” he said. “With the weather situation, just a little bit ago we were told it has not shipped yet so we won’t get getting any tomorrow (Thursday). We are day-by-day at this point.”

Those with today’s appointment are to arrive at the Holm West location on North Buckeye next Wednesday.

The health department had second dose appointments on Friday.

With more vaccine expected to arrive next week, the health department will again be accepting applications online at 3 p.m. Friday at

Hultgren said there has been a huge demand for the vaccine and the doses go fast.

“I wish we could get more vaccine, and more was available,” he said. “Every week it has gone fast. It’s taken four or five minutes for it to initially fill up.”

He also said that if someone doesn’t get an appointment because the doses are all taken to try again later in the afternoon.

“There are some people that will drop off. There are some people that don’t meet the requirements and we have to take them off. They might not meet the age requirement. We have to send them a notice that they don’t meet the age requirement and we have to kick them off. That opens it up for later in the day for someone else,” he said.

The vaccines are available for those 65 years of age and older.

Hultgren said in order to make an appointment requires a form to fill out. He said there have been issues which would also be time consuming for staff if the department was taking names for a list.

“Some people take lists but they have had difficulties with that,” he said. “That would take a lot of man hours to deal with those calls.

“It’s as fair as we can make it with a first-come, first-served basis,” he said of the online signup. “We are not wasting any vaccine. We only put up how many doses we have.”

He said if vaccine demand slows down or if more vaccine becomes available, people will be able to sign up on weekends and at night. 

Hultgren also encouraged Dickinson County residents to get their vaccine at pharmacies that may be getting doses.

“Our goal is that people need to get the shot where they can get it,” he said. “We are getting a limited supply, 300 doses a week.”

Those pharmacies may be taking lists.

“We recommend that somebody could put their name on a list at one of those places,” he said.

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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