The unofficial results for the Solomon School District bond are in with the bond passing to a 245 to 189 vote. The bond is $8.82 million and will be used to build for the expansions, renovations and additions in the district. 

“We’re very excited as a community at the outcome of the vote. We’re looking forward to the opportunity that comes with that,” said Justin Coup, superintendent of the school district. 

In the three counties the school district is in, Dickinson County was in favor of the bond with a vote of 193 to 123. Salina and Ottawa counties were not in favor of the bond, Salina ending with a 41 to 43 vote, and Ottawa ending with a 11 to 23 vote. 

“For those who voted no, that’s one of the great things about our society, the fact that you can voice your opinion, you can still come together in the end and it’s O.K. to have a differing opinion,” Coup said. “Just like five years ago when the vote was switched, and it was a no vote then. Overtime, I hope they see the value of an education and how the impact the buildings will have in the future of Solomon schools.”

Now, the school board will take the next three to six months to finalize the plans with architects, Coup said. The construction should begin sometime in the spring of 2022. The construction will be addressing needs the school deemed are necessary through focus groups and meetings over the past couple of years.  

For renovating, the middle school will receive heating, ventilation, air conditioning, locker rooms and windows, and the workshop and track will also receive renovations. The workshop, north parking lot, and cafeteria will gain expansions.As for additions, the elementary school will receive 12 new classrooms and have the current building demolished; the kitchen will be completely done over; green space with two playground sets will replace where the current elementary school is; and a new storm shelter will be built.

For more information about the bond, go to the Solomon School District website at and click on the tab labeled “bond information.”


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