Torrential rains that doused portions of Dickinson County late Sunday into early Monday morning resulted in some street flooding in Chapman and along Old 40 Highway.

Precipitation totals ranged from 3½ to 10½ inches with the highest amounts reported north of Chapman, generally located along Kansas Highway 18, said Dickinson County Emergency Management Director Chancy Smith.

“All along K-18 east and west, north of Chapman — and in Saline and Ottawa counties — those areas had a lot more rain up there,” Smith said. 

In Chapman, Marshall Avenue was closed Sunday morning from 8th Street to Kimberly Lane due to heavy rains that caused standing water on the roadway.

“(Portions of) Old 40 was closed and over by the Casey’s (General Store) in Chapman it was across the road,” Smith said. “Chapman Creek comes up pretty easy, so with that much rain there wasn’t much chance it wasn’t going to come up.”

In areas where water rushed across the roads, county road crews were out Monday sweeping field debris off the roadway so it didn’t create a safety hazard, Smith said.

River levels were up following the heavy rains, but those areas have already crested, he said.

The Smoky Hill River at Sand Springs was averaging around five feet prior to Sunday’s storm, but crested around 19 ft. Tuesday morning.

While rain is in the forecast all week, Smith said he believes the flooding threat is over. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are expected to return by the end of the workweek.

“It will be spitting and raining off and on all week, but there will probably not be significant rain that will do damage by going across the roads,” Smith said.

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