11_23_21 turkey shortage

Turkeys and other meats sit in a cooler at Zey’s Market while shoppers stroll through the aisles Monday afternoon.

Abilene appears to be relatively safe from a turkey shortage that has plagued other parts of the United States as Thanksgiving grows near.

Both of Abilene’s grocery stores are stocked up on turkeys, according to their respective owners.

Vickie Zey, one of the owners of Zey’s Market, said her grocery store booked turkeys for Thanksgiving back in May and received the turkeys in time for Thanksgiving.

“We’ve gotten all of ours,” she said. “That doesn’t mean next year we will.”

But for this holiday season?

She said the store is doing just fine.

Zey said there had been a run on turkeys when news of the shortage hit the media, however.

“Everybody ran out when they saw there was a shortage and started buying,” she said.

Zey said the store had to turn down a few orders for turkeys from customers because the orders were too large, but that otherwise the store had so far been able to meet customer’s pre-Thanksgiving needs.

Steve West who owns West’s Country Mart said his store had not experienced the shortage at all.

As with Zey’s, West’s ordered turkeys early in the year and received the full order.

He said his store had even ordered an extra pallet of turkeys recently and had the request fulfilled without so much as a hitch.

“Our warehouse was on top of it somehow,” West said.

He said he did not foresee a problem keeping customers supplied with all the usual trimmings this Thanksgiving season unless people travel to Abilene from out of town in search of turkeys.

“If people from Salina and Junction (City) and everywhere start driving over here to get a turkey, yeah,” West said. “Otherwise I think we’ll be fine.”


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